Best Electric Scooter For Adults

This content will help beginners to know the ultimate buying resource for electric scooters. It is described with price, variants, riding tips, maintenance tips, safety precautions, rules and regulation of the brand, vehicle parts and also some of its history.

Electric Scooter buying Guide for Adults

The guide given below is categorized into a few sections with useful links. Readers can make use of it.

Buying an Electric Scooter

Buying or knowing about electric scooter is a challenging part, it may be due to choices, quality, prices, etc but the fact that an electric scooter can be built with $484.67, and fun fact is that it goes upto $1938.68. Readers can make use of many review sites but it's important to know the value of quality it provides. Reviews vary in a range of style, price, customer support. To be precise, selecting based on customer support is a better choice.

Testing Based on ESG team:

This guide is completely based on a small team under ESG certified testing. And the team have spent various tests by driving 1000 of miles. The team drove various top brands, from unboxing to assembly and build. Even port, cable connections have been tested as per manual guides of the brand.

Less expensive Electric scooters:

Scooter branded as Xr Elite and it’s a no-frills but capable to run with pneumatic tires and disc brakes. This scooter allows riders to make some interesting rides with its lightweight. Due to its price, the design is done with under-powered motors, weak brakes and low capacity motors.But still various scooters are available under this category and that might fit to your requirement. It’s priced under $300.

Electric Scooter with Commuter: 

Electric scooter with commuter categorized under three categories with price range ($300 to $600). At these price ranges quality, features and prices will also be suitable.

Price between ($300 to $ 600):

Xiaomi Mi M365 is a popular electric scooter launched in the market. This scooter is designed for long drive purposes. Not only for touring purposes but also suitable for daily commuting. Design of this scooter is highlighted to enhance hilly areas with lite weight. Advantage of this scooter is that it can carry with us also as a handy carry.

Commuter ($600 to $900)

Ninebot Max is an amazing scooter that comes under strong build with larger battery. Its design is capable of more motor power and is a budget commuter. In this price range, it's hard to find dual-motors but it comes with suspension for some models.

Commuter ($600 to $1200)

Touring is a top-class scooter that comes with suspension, bigger batteries, and good brakes. Under this mid-range and budget offerings, riding this scooter will be comfortable, safer, and have a better range of upgrades. Even Though the scooter comes under budget but weight is a little bit high. It's around 18 kgs. Due to its weight, it is sometimes hard to carry inside the car.

Electric scooter ($1299 to $1600)

Apollo explore is a performance based electric scooter with a motor. It comes with a performanced based design and is suitable for long range ride. Speed of the scooter is highly capable to travel and enjoy the ride effortlessly. As per testing, this scooter runs up to 81 kilometres. With this price range, it offers tubeless pneumatic tires, semi-hydraulic or hydraulic brakes, and powerful lights.

Electric Scooter above $2500

The wolf warrior 11 is highly capable to perform long rides and best speed performance. Designed with a massive battery and high durable motor. It can hold up to the range of >64 kmph. The most attractive and comfortable part of this bike is its top-notch suspension and hydraulic actuated disc brakes. These brakes will help a lot to control the scooter at high-speed running. Riders can use it off-road also. It weighs +32 kgs. This scooter is carried due to its foldable design.

Features of Electric scooter:

Things to know before buying a scooter. Before purchasing, it's important to know its features. The below content is categorized under price, weight, speed, rider weight and rating.

Price point:

Every product has its price and price is all set based on its quality and performance. Purchasing electric scooters is also not an issue at all as it comes under various prices. Setting up the max and min price will help to reduce confusion for buying it. Above content offers various price ranges to know about the electric scooter’s variations. Based on prices, the segment of comfortness and quality increases. Hence adopting a suitable price range will help the buyer to make decisions for riding.


As per price, the range of scooter functionalities also changes. Factors like motor power, rider weight, weather, and speed are included for considering a scooter. Content made to set best factors to know the scooter requirement and riders equipment. ESG test performed for electric scooter with various tests. Test includes frequent stops while riding, riding on rough roads, hills, with proper weight. Best weight is under 74kg. Many electric scooters are designed to carry under 74 kgs. Hence approaching with a certain weight will help electric scooter riders to operate fast.

And as per 2018 study survey, manufacturers claim 30% of the price range and it is overestimated. Battery life also plays an important role in every device. Electric scooter manufacturers also made a careful move for their users while carrying their scooters. Most electric scooters come with 300 to 500n charging cycles. And endure upto 1000 charging cycles and that is before getting degraded.

It might be taken into consideration while thinking about routine commuting. Maybe, it offers the best choice considering battery size does not matter. Even if the battery dries, no matter what, still the rider can carry with them by folding too. Taking a tip is like the rider can carry an additional battery with them to avoid issues due to battery power lacking.


Weight matters a lot, especially for electric scooters. When it comes to daily commuting, it's important to know that it is possible to carry a scooter with us when riding is not possible. Weight depends upon travelling time. Most of the electric scooters are designed with 11 kgs under above 24 kms driven travelling time. Having a handle will bear weight for the scooter. Few electric scooters have extra wheels or a folded configuration to get the compact design.

Those compact designs help riders to take the scooter as a compact part. Companies made scooter brands like Dolly weigh 13 kgs while folding. Some might think it awkward while carrying it but it's a requirement. Riders who think about off-roading will most of the time not think about the weight. At that time this weight will not be an issue at all. It creates problems for daily commuters. Riders who focus with daily commutators can make use of scooters that afford weight and also the battery part.

For Daily Commutators:

Do they need to carry upstairs or the destination has an elevator?  Is any storage space available or not? Is any transportation available to carry it? Is it possible to carry a scooter in a truck? Just getting these answers for the questions will help the daily commutators to select easily.

Conditions like rain might need a transportation facility for travelling. Riders might get the option to store an electric scooter in the truck. Can get trained to carry a scooter by lifting weight, it's not a joke but true. Many electric scooter riders used to work out just to carry their electric scooter when it's not needed while travelling.


Speed is a factor for every rider. Most of the companies used to focus on speed. Electric scooter manufacturers also made improvements in the factor of speed. Speed makes a great enjoyment for the riders. Being an electric scooter, it’s notable to know about the speed part. Most commuter vehicles will offer 24kmh. Every riding based on a scooter feels different as the posture of tyre and acceleration might be different. Especially riding on the urban side and highway side makes a different experince. Riding on the urban side needs to focus on speed because there's a high chance of getting in an accident. Hence planning to control speed while riding on the urban side will help the rider too. Compared to the highway side, travelling at high speed is possible. On highway side, it's possible to ride 84 kmh. And on the urban side 24 to 29 kmh. Kabo wolf warrior is highly recommended to ride in terms of safety.

Riding at a top speed that too in an electric scooter has to make sure on the safety side. And comparing safety, electric scooters are highly capable. Mechanism of electric scooters like the kabo wolf will be safer. Wearing a helmet while riding an electric scooter is a pro tip at any speed.

Weight of the Rider

Every vehicle is designed to carry a certain amount of weight. Depending on the rider weight, performance also varies. It's important to note down the weight of the rider that is suitable to carry. For most electric scooters, the weight limit will be in the range of 100 to 120 kgs. Hance it will be a great attribute to know the weight limit of the electric scooter before buying it. Make sure to view electric scooter’s limits before buying it.

As weight increases, the speed of the vehicle also decreases and also it affects the performance of the scooter. Hence, it’s advisable to manage the weight or buy a scooter that offers suitable weight of the bike. Make sure to calculate the weight of the part the rider carries like a backpack as it also gets into counts for the vechile. It's also advisable to buy an electric scooter that has 500-watt power of motor, as it can carry above 100 kg of rider weight.

Power of Motor 

Electric motors play an important role in the making of electric scooters. Whether to pull or to drive fast, the motor part plays a crucial role in it. Adult electric scooters consist of hub motors. Those are brushless direct current. It is built in the hub of the wheels. Readers might have noticed that every electric kick starter vehicle will have at least one dual motor. Those motors used to start the vehicle easily. Especially in cold climates. Choosing an electric motor is all about the power consumption. Knowing the importance of power consumption will help the rider to meet the performance needed. Motor power consumption is denoted in watts. Greater performance motors will have high watts. Electric scooter motor starts generally in the power of 200 and goes upto 6270 watts. This match for the electric scooter called Dualtron x.

Thinking of buying an average budget bike then buying a Xiaomi Mi M365. It has a power of 250 watt. Mid-range scooter will have power of 500 watt and the brand can opt for a Fluid ride horizon. Looking for an extremely high-performance motor then moving to Kaboo wolf Warrior 11. It has a dual motor of 1200 watts. It means it offers 2400 watts for the vehicle. Those who are looking to buy such a high-performance vehicle can make use of this model.

Adults it's recommended to make use of watts that are beyond 250 watts, especially for daily commuters. Living in hilly areas will be helpful when they choose a 350 to 500 watts powered electric scooter. The larger the motor and power will help to drive easily in hilly areas too. Hence its advisable to make use of the power of watts while purchasing the electric scooter.

Importance of Suspension

Suspension might be important for the riders who focus on comfort level. Suspension is similar to vehicles like car, trucks. Considering it will be helpful for riders to enjoy the braking system. Without it will feel like having bumpy tires and not getting a grip on the road while travelling.

Finding a suspension can be categorized into three variants: spring, hydraulic, air piston and rubber suspension. Among this suspension, the combination of spring and piston will be greater. It offers better suspension to the rider. Many electric scooters come under these variants based on the requirement. Hence following such design-based suspension will help the riders to get quality benefits. Some best scooters will also have suspension of piston and rubber too but buying the combination of piston and spring will help a lot. It is also named as coil over hydraulic or coil over air. Premium electric scooter will have suspension either in rear or front wheel or both the side.

Scooter like EMOVE will be highly approacheble to get high suspension quality.  This brand helps adults to take chances of handling high end suspension bikes. Many brands are available to help in terms of suspension. Hence knowing much more about it will help the rider a lot. This brand also has rear lights which will be helpful in night times. For safety measures make sure to use light to the helmet. It helps riders to avoid accidents in time.

Importance of Brakes

One of the factors that is most important to be noted in every vehicle system is the brake. Electric scooter consists of brakes that help the rider to ride in a safe zone.

The Qiewa Qpower brand is a top brand in terms of braking parts. Braking system in this scooter will help users to drive in a safe mode. Every brake has a certain lifetime. Especially mechanical braking systems consist of less lifetime compared to electrical braking systems. This brand has a fully hydraulic braking system. It gives strong power to apply the braking system. Generally mechanical braking systems consist of foot, drum, and disc brakes. It offers a 24kmp stopping distance of 6 metres. The top 3 brakes are foot brakes, drum brakes and disc brakes.

Knowing about foot brakes is nothing but activating by pushing through the leg. Simply just like a car brake. After pushing the braking system, the brake gets activated by stopping the tyre in rubbing format. It's not affected by the drum and disc braking system.

Drum brakes are the brakes which are enclosed under the wheel hub. It needs lower maintenance than other braking systems. The advantage of using it is the climate. It helps the rider to be safe in wet conditions too. Many scooters might get slipped due to the slippery part. Hence adapting the braking system of drum technique will help the user a lot.

Disc brakes are getting popular due to its lightweight and immediate braking system. Many vehicles used to adapt disc braking systems. This taken part in a premium vechiles. It's budget friendly too many riders. Many companies used this kind of braking system for their electric scooters. This kind of braking system can be used for daily commuting too. No issues and budget friendly too.

As per testing disc and drum brakes are more effective to use. It allows the user to take breaks as effectively and safely as a ride.

Electronic braking system

It is the most advanced braking system used in the automobile sector. This braking system relies on an electronic braking system. It includes a regenerative braking system that makes the bike stop with a safer mode in every climate too. Travelling with the speed of 20mph will not stop quickly, it takes 30 to 50 feet to stop.

This system takes place due to the safe mode. In reality, compared to mechanical braking systems , the electronic braking system is weak. Mechanical braking system is stronger as per testing. It does not need any periodic system to take action. ‘Most of the electric scooter used to have a combined form of braking system. It helps the riders to take place effectively without any issues. To be in safe mode using a combined braking system will help the riders to know the importance of safer riding.


Tire size matters when it comes to balanced ride and comfort. Tyres play an important role in terms of the off road part and urban side. Majorly two types of tyre available for electric scooters. Solid airless tyre and pneumatic tyre air filled.

Solid airless tyres consist of a few things like honeycomb, polymer filled and solid. Solid part no need of maintenance. Riding on a solid tyre offers an amazing experience to the rider. Feel free to cross every bump of road.

To get perfect road quality, using pneumatic tires. It offers an amazing situation to handle while travelling. Its rubber performance will help the roads to get amazing grip. With or without suspension too, it offers amazing benefits for the riders. Sometimes the air-filled tube might be damaged but it can be replaced. Make sure with the low pressure as there is a chance to get puncture hence maintaining with right pressure will help the bike to avoid puncture. Both tubeless and tube tyre prices are budget friendly. Choosing among those completely depends on the requirement. Comparatively airless tyres will be effective to use.

Many electric scooter brands are available to make use of it. It's important to know the importance of each brand. Comparing top brands with its quality and features will help the reader to know more about the electric scooter. The major points to be noted are all about the design, tyre, charging system, and braking system. The above words are completely described with those points. Knowing those points will help the electric scooter buyers to make decsions.


Hence whether to buy or to know about the electric scooters especially for adults make sure to consider weight, power, braking system. It’s advisable to make use of more than 350 watts so that the performance of the bike won’t change much, as it’s due to the weight due to the rider. Consider that every electric scooter has a certain manual and warranty. Make use of such manuals for a better lifetime.

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