Top Best Electric Tricycle – Overview

To help you find out the best electric tricycle or trike, we’ve composed the top-rated brands on this page. We’ve done a research based on many factors like motor, speed, performance, and more. Very importantly, below listed are equipped with long lasting battery to withstand for long periods. Thanks to the advanced technology that they offer over traditional cycles. In this article, we are here to explain everything about the electric tricycle. Read to learn more about the best electric tricycles on the market. 

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Trike

Are you looking for the best electric trikes for your kids? Razor Power Rider 360 electric trike a perfect option for kids since it is high quality and has rear caster wheels to make the stunt easier. The braking system, on the other hand, can be operated by hand with ease. It is high quality system and adds more safety to the user. The push button throttle gives a smooth and efficient ride.

The Razor Power Rider electric trike could be the best option for the kids over the age of eight. It will impress every kid across the world since it makes the stunts like spins, slides and drifts easier. The pneumatic wheel in the electric trike gives a stability for smooth riding. Since it is specialized for kids, the maximum speed is about nine miles per hour and 120 pounds is its load capacity.

In terms of the battery capacity, it takes nearly 12 hours to complete a full charge and allows you use it around 40 minutes. So, if you are enough with this battery usage, then, investing your money on Razor Power Rider 360 electric tricycle would be a wise decision.

What we like in the Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Trike

  • Hand braking system leaves a safer ride
  • Rear caster wheels for easier stunts
  • High-impact front wheels for more stability
  • With full charge, it lasts for 40 minutes
  • It is perfectly suitable for kids

Bestseller (lists)

Razor Power Rider 360 9 MPH Drifting Trike Ride-On Electric Powered Tricycle Sports & Outdoors

  • Plastic, Rubber, Steel
  • Razor PowerRider 360** Reach speeds up to 9 mph
  • Up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Push button throttle
  • Hi-impact pneumatic front wheel... Read More

Addmotor Motan Electric Trike

The best electric bicycle from Addmotor Motan is another pick on this list. This can be a perfect option for large riders with its 350 pounds weight. In addition, it has dual baskets for storage purposes. A powerful lithium-ion battery, on the other hand, makes it to use for longer of 55 miles with a full charge. This is considered as one of the best electric tricycles for adults, thanks to its long-lasting battery life.

It is powered by 750-watt motor to deliver a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour. Since it is powerful and strong with its 350 pounds, it can be perfectly suitable for high weight adults as well. The best thing about trike is its removable baskets, one in the back and front, allowing you store many things in the basket. When it comes to the wheels and tires of the tricycle, it has Kenda 24” fat-tire ups the ante for smooth and effortless ride. This is suitable for places over gravel and debris. Despite it is bright and luminous, it is perfect for riding at night. however, it requires a set of AA batteries to work

What we like in the Addmotor Motan Electric Trike

  • It weighs about 350-pounds
  • The dual baskets help you keep groceries, pets, etc
  • The inbuilt battery offers 55 miles performance
  • With its 750-watt motor, it lets you operate 22 miles per hour
  • It is suitable for even adults

Bestseller (lists)

Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle Adults, 750W 48V 17.5Ah Removable Battery, 20" Fat Tire 3 Wheel Fat Tire Electric Bike, M-360 Electric Trike 350lbs Carry with Rear Basket & Bag

  • The MOTAN M-360 is a heavy-duty and feature-rich cargo electric trike that is perfect for the rider that needs to haul big loads or for extra support when it is difficult to balance. Fitting for 5'6"-6'6" and it can carry adult weighing close to 350 lbs. Heavy loads are a breeze with an extra-sturdy alloy frame. In the Rear Rack, you can carry close to 100lbs what you want. (Note: New version of trike comes with a big rear bike bag as a gift.)
  • Equipped With a Bafang 750W brushless motor... Read More

 Pedego Mineral Blue Electric Trike

Our third pick is from Pedego. The mineral blue will impress every customer across the world. There are many advanced features, including a robust LCD display, a USB charger, and bucket for storage. Since it requires some assemble it comes with a tool kit. So, there is no need to purchase it separately. The best thing of the electric cycle is it is reliable and durable and will last for longer. With an extended wheel, it ensures the safety of the user. The ergonomic brake, on the other hand, works well. In short, it doesn’t let you land in any difficulties.

When it comes to the LCD display, it is one of the highlighting features of this cycle. It displays various operational status of the cycle such as battery life, speed, etc. With USB charger, you can charge the battery anywhere using it. In terms of the speed, the cycle is capable of running for up to 13 miles per hour.

Another best thing is it has rear lights in the front back, which added value to the cycle. The Pedego Mineral Blue Electric Trike weighs about 250w so it is powerful and strong and allows any heavy person to use it. You can place the tool kit in the rear bucket for general maintenance. It also let you to keep grocery things or others. Overall, it is one of the best electric cycles on the market and is good value for the money.

What we like in the Pedego Mineral Blue Electric Trike

  • The extended battery ensures the stability of the cycle.
  • The LCD display helps track multiple data
  • Luminous front and back lights let you drive the electric cycle with ease at night
  • It provides a good battery life
  • The 250w design enhances the speed and let your drive for up to 13 miles per hour

Bestseller (lists)

Pedego Trike Mineral Blue with Black Balloon Package 36V 11Ah Sports & Outdoors

  • 36 Volt 11 Amp Hour
  • Call Electric Bikes of La Quinta with any questions (760)972-4017... Read More

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike is another pick on this list. It is considered one of the best brands of the electric cycle for its versatility. It is durable and can run upon any surface condition. The best thing about the cycle is it comes 7 speed transmissions. Apart from this, there are many safety features like durable hydraulic brakes with many bells and whistles, and many. It is sturdy design and can accommodate maximum loads of 320 pounds.

With its high-end features, it can handle any surfaces like hills. What we most love in the model is its fat tires, it lets you drive upon any terrain types. The safety enhancing brakes, on the other hand, ensures the safety of the rider. In short, it acts according to the command of the rider. The large rear basket is a great option to carry groceries and other things. The seat features don’t let you harm your back with its back support.

The electric trike is powered by 500-watt motor, it lets you reach for up to 20 miles per hour. However, you can drive the cycle for up to 35 miles with full battery. What we like in the Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike is its design and color. It comes with luminous white to attract the users. Like previous one on this list, it comes with tool kit to assemble the cycle.

What we like in the Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike

  • The hrdraulic brakes and 7 speed transmission ensures the safety
  • The design lets you accommodate for up to 320 Ibs
  • The never flat tires can handle any wide terrains
  • The 500-watt motor ensures the durability
  • It has high end safety features

Bestseller (lists)

Emojo Caddy Pro/Caddy Élecṭrīc ṭrīcycle 48V 500W Best Élecṭrīc ṭrīke 24 Inch Fat Tire eṭrīke 3 Wheel Ébīᴋe Rear Basket Cargo for Heavy Carrying

  • This new Emojo Caddy Pro is loaded with amazing advanced features as 7 Speed Transmission and Hydraulic Brakes, also a large seat with a back rest supports your back during the_ride.
  • Powered by a 500W motor and 48V battery, the front basket and oversized rear cargo is ideal for carrying heavy stuffs, storing groceries and shopping duties or giving your pet a_ride.
  • The aluminum alloy frame weighs about 70lbs with battery. The maximum load can be 320lb. It can cruise at a top speed... Read More

MotoTec Electric Trike

MotoTec Electric Trike is fifth pick on this list since it is budget friendly with high end features. It is powered by 800-watt motor, which is durable and enhance the electric cycle. The best thng is it doesn’t require manual operation. Since it is pedal free design, it is a great option for seniors. It lets you access the electric cycle for up to 25 miles per hour.

We also love is its one of the features of LED lights that displays various status of the electric cycle including speed, battery life, and more. There is a large storage basket at the front to carry grocery and other things. It is designed with hrdraulic brake to make it work according to your input.

Though the engine is powerful and reliable, the battery only can last around 17 miles with a single charge. But the best thing is the battery will be charged quickly. With sturdy design, it allows the maximum load of 260 pounds. So, it doesn’t impact any users. Overall, the MotoTec Electric Trike is one of the best options for seniors who cannot and don’t want to pedal to drive.

What we love in the MotoTec Electric Trike

  • The LED lights in the front ensures the safety at night
  • It is pedal free design so suitable for seniors
  • The large storage basket help you carry many things
  • With a single battery, it comes for up to 17 miles
  • It is designed with hydraulic brake

Bestseller (lists)

MotoTec Electric Trike 48V 800W Sports & Outdoors

  • MotoTec electric trike 48V 800W... Read More

Toxozers Electric Trike

 Toxozers Electric Trike is one of the best and top-rated models in the market or its durability. It comes with high grade flat tires to drive upon most terrain types. Plus, it has highly adjustable seat to allow it use for any user. It is designed with 24-inch wheel up front and 12-inch wheels at the back. The never flat tires allow it use for any surface conditions, including any terrain, snow, rocky trails, etc.

What we love most in the Toxozers Electric Trike is its back seat, which is very comfortable to adjust that fits most heights. In addition, it is capable of transporting for up to 400 pounds. Moreover, it can also be operated in reverse, making the parking effortless in any spots. With its 200 pounds weight, it is quite sturdy and durable. However, it can not be carried easily when not in use.

It has powerful motor that can reach 22 miles per hours while the battery backup can run for up to 25 miles. In this case, it can be used around one hour with a single charge. In order to run more than this standard, you’ll need to charge the battery. But the drawback is recharge does require up to 10 hours. This could be the best choice for the someone who need to transport heavy things from places.

What we like in the Toxozers Electric Trike

  • It comes with highly adjustable seat
  • It includes reverse functionality
  • Quite reliable and durable with its highly sturdy design
  • It carries the maximum load capacity of 400 Ibs
  • Takes 10 hours to reach maximum charge

Bestseller (lists)

Electric Tricycle 1200W Adult Trike Bike Carry Rack Scooter with Removable Seat Sports & Outdoors

  • Carry 400lbs Weight--the electric bike carry a rack.u can DIY by yourself,install basket or boxe according to your can carry hefty groceries, dogs or even work supplies for your daily commute.
  • 1200w Powelful Motor--powered by a 1200 watt servo motor with speeds up to 15 miles per hour.
  • It can achieve a 20+ mile range on a full charge.
  • Easy-to-Operate--It features a 24" pneumatic front tire, two 5" pneumatic rear tires.
  • It is not only suitable for ridin... Read More

EWheels EW-29 Scoot-Around Electric Trike

Our last pick is EWheels EW-29 Scoot-Around Electric Trike since it is another top rated and trusted model among the customers. It can haul over 400 pounds in a single time so it is on this list. In addition, it can be a perfect for any sized or shaped person, thanks to its adjustable and comfortable seat with backrest. Therefore, a larger sized than average sized person can drive the electric cycle with ease with no compromise.

What we loved most in the EWheels EW-29 Scoot-Around Electric Trike is its two large baskets at the front and back, allowing to carry a lot of things such as groceries and so on. Like many on this list, it comes with bright LED headlights, ensuring the safety during night. Plus, it is powered by 500 motor which is powerful and can run around 15 miles per hour. However, it may lesson depending on the load that you haul.

When it comes to the battery, it only lasts around 20 miles on a single charge but it does charge in quick. Moreover, it is one of the affordable best electric trikes on the market today. So, you can place your order without anu hesitation if you are okay with its features and aspects.

What we like in the EWheels EW-29 Scoot-Around Electric Trike

  • It comes wit two large size baskets in the front and back
  • The best option for oversized person as well, thanks to its adjustable seat and backrest
  • An electric horn included for safety purposes
  • A bright LED lights let you run during night as well
  • It does reach 15 miles per hour

Bestseller (lists)

EWheels EW-M34 4-Wheel Foldable, Portable Lightweight Travel Electric Battery-Powered Medical E-Mobility Scooter with Adjustable Seat and Basket, Red

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Provide mobility around the home and on the go with this lightweight and portable mobility scooter.
  • Detachable basket helps you keep important items and valuables safe BATTERY-POWERED.
  • Electric battery-powered scooter capable of reaching up to 4.5 miles-per-hour with an operating range of up to 10 miles8
  • 24-volt 12AH battery charges on or off the scooter DESIGNED FOR TRAVEL: 4-step disassembly takes just seconds, resulting in 5 pieces that are... Read More

Buyer Guide – Best Electric Tricycle

There are many things to consider before buying the best electric trike. Here we have listed the some most important factors. We suggest you considers these without avoidance for having the best electric trike.

Motor & Speed

Without a doubt, the motor is extremely important of electric tricycle as it determines the durability and speed. If you want to have a trike with best speed, make sure that you buy the electric trike with hub motor. It is because it can reach over 15 miles per hour. Some best electric trikes can reach only 15 miles while others can go twice the fast per hour. So, you’ll need to pay attention the motor and its maximum speed limit before choosing it.

If you are looking for the fastest electric tricycle, then, look for the motor with over 350 watts for the purposes of the speed. According to the survey, the motor that is incorporated with 600 watts to 700 watt is more efficient than limited watts. It can travel at least 10 to 20 miles per hour. However, if you go for over 100-watt motor, it can go for up to 30 miles per hour.


When it comes to the display of the electric trikes, there are many accessories, including its outside appearance, LCD display. When we talk about the LCD display, it provides you a clear information about operational status, including speed, battery usage and remaining battery, etc. This feature is utmost important in the electric cycle during longer rides. Throttle, on the other hand, should be easier to operate and control to ride trike fast on any roads. Further, horn is also one of the essential features of the tricycle to ride it safer and securer.

Cargo Space

If you are buying the electric trikes to haul overweight materials, then, the cargo space of the trike should be considered. Cargo space will vary from one another brand. We suggest you go with the electric trike with large space to use it for hauling heavy materials.

Battery & Range

Of course, battery life and range are extremely important since it decides how long you can ride the electric trike. In this case, most electric trikes consist of rechargeable lithium batteries. Since it is chargeable, you can charge and use the trikes. We suggest you look for the capacity of the battery before choosing it as it determines how much distance that you can ride on a full charge battery. You should also consider how long it takes to reach maximum charge while charging the battery. Buy the electric trikes with the battery that charges quickly.


Safety features are utmost important concern of the electric tricycle. Modern trikes are made with a lot of safety features, including hydraulic brakes, electric horns, etc. Look for the trikes that includes all essential safety features. As mentioned, the hydraulic brake is essential since it ensures the safety of the rider. With this, you can ride the trike with safe and secure. The rear suspension system, on the other hand, gives you a stable ride. When it comes to the wheel, it includes anti slip fat tires to avoid get stuck on the sand and other terrains.  Some also includes large LED lights help to offer safe ride during night.


Without a doubt, the above-mentioned lists are the best of electric tricycles on the market. They are exceptionally good in quality and performance compared to others. Moreover, they are durable and inbuilt with long lasting components. We liked the trikes for its capacity of over 400 pounds. Plus, they are equipped with fat tires to drive even upon the any terrains.

They are powered by powerful motor, which can travel over 12 miles power hour. When it comes to the battery life, it is quite nice that can reach over 15 miles on a single charge. Moreover, some electric trikes on the list does reach the charge quickly. So, you can use this haul many things from places. In addition, some includes tool kit to let you have a better assemble in quick if required. The hydraulic brakes, on the other hand, enhances the safety of the rider.


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