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In this pandemic situation, everyone is working from home. We guess that you are one among them. Definitely, we can't get the comfortability of an office at home. From the table you keep at the desk to the chair you sit on; everything seems difficult to cope with. Since we cannot predict the pandemic end, you have to set the office-type seating arrangement at home to avoid any health issues. In this article, we have rounded down some of the best office chairs available in the market. Read the article till the end to choose the best office chair that suits you. We are sure that you will make the best investment. 

What are the benefits of using an office chair?

Have you ever felt lower back pain after working for long hours? Obviously, anyone working in a full stretch will feel full-body pain. But you can reduce the pain to a certain extent by buying an office chair. It is available at an affordable price ranging from $50-$2000. Well, we see that Herman Miller Meron is the first-ever chair manufacturing company that got a good reach among the customers. The company is still alive for its ergonomic chairs. Anyone who is trying out an office chair for the very first time will surely choose Herman Miller Meron for the best experience. Next in the row comes the Steelcase Leap office chair. Although it is a bit high-priced, you will realize that it is a worthy investment once you sit on the chair. To know many other brands, stay tuned on this page. 

Table of contents 

  1. Herman Miller Aeron chair with ergonomic design
  2. Steelcase Leap Desk in Red Fabric
  3. HON Exposure black office chair with adjustable arms
  4. Furmax mesh adjustable chair for desk support 
  5. SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid office chair
  6. Misuraa Ergonomic Xenon chair
  7. Green Soul high-back office chair

 Best Office chair available in the market

 1. Herman Miller Aeron chair with ergonomic design

If you don't care about the unlimited budget, the Herman Miller Aeron chair is the finest choice to go with. This chair is available in three different sizes (S/M/L). You can buy the suitable one based on your height. The company's data says that their medium-sized chair is the crowd's favorite. Apart from size, Herman Miller Aeron comes with a variety of options. You can change the caster-type, adjust the arms, and so on. The main downside of furniture is the lack of ergonomic design. But Herman Miller Aeron comes with an SL technology for adjusting the chair depending on the posture. With this chair, you can keep your spine erect but still keep you more comfortable. The back pads are adjustable for a peaceful backrest. In addition, the arm adjustments will support easy typing on keyboards. The whole chair design is finalized after analyzing different human body postures. It is the reason why Herman Miller Aeron chairs have top ratings.

It consists of five castors that can easily roll over when the body moves. So, you can easily slide the chair on the floor without any difficulties. You can make the tilting arrangements as per your convenience. A small-sized office chair weighs about 300pounds whereas the medium and large-sized chairs weigh up to 350pounds. Once you unbox the chair, you can easily lift the chair with the chair's side handles. Although this chair is available in minimum color options, most customers are happy with the royal black. It is much suitable for a professional outlook. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of 12 months.

What we like in Herman Miller Aeron chair with ergonomic design

  1. It support your lumbar and gives a painless backrest
  2. This chair is available in three different sizes(S/M/L)
  3. The breathable mesh material will prevent overheating and sweating of the skin
  4. It comes with a warranty of 12months
  5. It weighs up to 350pounds and is easy to lift using side handles
  6. You can recline the angles based on your convenience 
  7. This chair is USA-made and is pre-assembled


 2. Steelcase Leap Desk in Red Fabric

The main purpose why one look for an office chair is to adjust the chair according to their comfort level. But Steelcase leap desk chair reads your body. The chair will shape itself based on the weight and posture you put in. After some days, the chair will be ready to receive your spine with a posture that keeps you much comfortable. In simple words, the chair will adjust for your comfy posture. This is the reason why Steelcase backs a good reputation in the market. It is a perfect chair for people dealing with health ailments. Unlike Herman, Steelcase is non limited with color options. You can pick the best suitable one for your working purpose.

The starting price of the chair with basic features is around $900. But the price may vary based on the additional features you add on. For example, if you want an adjustable arm in four ways, you have to pay an additional cost of $60. Likewise, an extra fit of headrest will cost you around $166. The armrests come with pads, and the breathable mesh will keep your body sweat-free. At the side of the backrests, there are two sliders for adjusting the backrest. It keeps your lumbar region more comfortable even you sit for long hours. In short, Steelcase leaps red chair scores well with top-notch design and features. You get different ergonomic adjustment options like seat height, set depth, arm width, arm depth, and arm height. Plus, there are five tilt lock options. The overall weight of this chair is about 400pounds. There is no requirement of additional tools for installation. This chair is pre-assembled and comes with a strong warranty.   

What we like in Steelcase Leap Desk in Red Fabric

  1. The built-in quality takes this office chair to the next level
  2. It weight up to 400pounds
  3. You get a total of five tilting options and other arm and seat adjustments 
  4. The textile cloth is breathable and keep you comfortable 
  5. An excellent robust design is truly attractive 
  6. It is available in 20 different colors 
  7. The product is fully assembled and doesn't demand any additional tools
  8. It adjusts according to your spine shape automatically


 3. HON Exposure black office chair with adjustable arms

If you are looking for a budget-friendly model with satisfying features, HON Exposure black office is a perfect one to add to your Wishlist. Apart from sies, this chair is of three types categories based on the material used. A breathable mesh material with adjustable height and arms keeps you cool for long hours.

A classic look makes this chair start out of the crowd. You can adjust the seat height, armrest, and the lumbar region of the chair as per your convenience. Two slides at both ends of the backrest are adjustable. You can move those slides up and down to lock the chair's lumbar position. In addition, you can adjust the seat width to check whether your body's lower part is super comfortable. A perfect ergonomic design will keep your working hours focused and healthy. 

Unlike other chairs, this chair requires an assembling process. So, the product comes with an Allen wrench and screws. So, you can easily assemble the chair by referring to the user manual. Altogether, you just need 15minutes for the total assembly. The chair is not much stiff and adjusts to the user's posture. So, you will never feel any discomfort while sitting on this chair. 

What we like in HON Exposure black office chair with adjustable arms

  1. A classic office chair look is quite satisfying
  2. You can adjust the arms and the back portions for a convenient leap
  3. This chair is available at a reasonable price 
  4. It is easy to assemble by referring to the user manual
  5. It comes with side slides to adjust the lumbar region


 4. Furmax mesh adjustable chair for desk support

Are you looking for an office chair with basic features? You can go with Furmax office chair for stress-free office hours. With five castors, you can easily roll the chair on any floor. A mesh lumbar region is breathable and keeps the body cool for hours. Although the armrests are non-adjustable, you can adjust the seat height from 18 to 25inches. An ergonomic design with an adjustable backrest and fixed armrest is everything you need for relaxation. Very importantly, this chair can highly prevent the chances of back pain. The padded seat will keep you comfortable and adjusts according to your posture. The total weight of this chair is about 265pounds. But, the five durable casters bear the entire body weight with ease.

You can tilt the seat and lock the posture using the tension column placed under the seat. The PU-made (Polyurethane Leather) casters are non-resistive and can roll on the floor effortlessly. The chair box comes with tools and screws for installation purposes. It is easy to install and use. You can refer to the user manual for better understanding. 

What we like in Furmax mesh adjustable chair for desk support 

  1. It is budget-friendly and comes in different colors
  2. You can adjust the seat height from 18 to 25inches
  3. The five casters helps in smooth movement on the floor
  4. The adjustable lumbar region keep you away from health issues


5. SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid office chair

Although the chair looks ordinary, the basic features will make you comfortable in many ways. It is a perfect chair for individuals with tall legs. In addition, it weighs about 250pouds. Are you planning to replace your office chair? You can try out SPACE seating Professional AirGrid office chair for a comfortable sitting position.

It comes with a sturdy design comes with innovative features. Starting from the adjustable features, you can roll the five casters in a 360-degree direction. In addition, you can adjust the seat height with the desk. So, it will be very easy for you to work with a desktop. You can tilt the seat and lock the seat position. The mesh seat is breathable and keeps you comfortable for long hours. The lumbar region of the seat is durable and holds the spine firmly. So, you will feel so relaxed and focused. Do you know foam padding? Apart from the padding, there is a layer of block foam to provide a comfortable sitting. When it comes to assembly, this chair is easy to set up, and it takes less than a few minutes. Along with other accessories, the company provides a pair of hands as a spare. One point to note here is, the manufacturing unit of this chair is in Taiwan. It is a well-known place for manufacturing chairs. So, you can trust the quality of the products. 

What we like in SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid office chair 

  1. It is available at an affordable price 
  2. This unit comes with extra pair of hands 
  3. The setup is easy and takes less than 15minutes for the entire assembly 
  4. A foam block below the padding will give a comfortable sitting position 
  5. The mesh is premium quality and is breathable 

6. Misuraa Ergonomic Xenon chair

A good and flexible chair that is suitable for both home and office use is the Misuraa Ergonomic Xenon chair. The highlight of this chair is you can adjust the seat height as per requirements. In addition, this chair has adjustable hand rests. The main attractive feature of this chair is its grey-white combination. A complete package at a reasonable price is an added advantage.

The ergonomically designed backrest supports the spine and prevents any lower back pain. You will never feel a misalign in the back even after using the chair for long hours. 

Besides the backrest, this chair comes with seven special features. You can adjust the headrest angle, height, seat depth, lumbar support height, tilt tension, and armrest adjustments. It is very easy to install, and you can adjust the chair according to your requirements. 

Are you ever struggling with a lower back pain? Buying this chair is a wise move. The built-in quality of the chair is top class and lasts for long years. This chair weighs about 38pounds approximately, and it is the most lightweight chair available in the market. But it can bear a weight of 308pounds. The seat pads come with breathable mesh and are super flexible. 

What we like in Misuraa Ergonomic Xenon chair

  1. This aluminum-made chair is durable and comes with five casters
  2. The grey-white combination gives a classy look
  3. It comes with a warranty of one year 
  4. The installation is simple and takes less than 15minutes for assembly
  5. It comes with seven adjustable options

7. Green Soul high-back office chair

Are you feeling uncomfortable while sitting on the chair for long hours? Here comes, Green Soul high-back office chair to wipe your worries. This company has top ratings and has good customer feedback. You can adjust the backrests, armrests and recline the seat angle according to your convenience.

 The casters are durable and easily roll on the floor. A mesh backrest is breathable and keeps you comfortable. So, you will feel fresh with good air circulation. In addition, you can keep your back posture healthy and fit. 

You can adjust the seat height and sit comfortably. The special feature of this chair is the headrest. In some brands, you have to pay extra for the headrest. But Green Soul offers you a chair with all the necessary features at a reasonable price. The headrest comes with four adjusting options. 

An S-shaped backrest will keep your neck comfortable while working for long hours. 

What we like in Green Soul high-back office chair

  1. This chair comes with adjustable backrests and armrests
  2. It can bear a weight of 275pounds
  3. It comes with a warranty of three years 


Buying guide - Factors to consider 

Before you invest in an office chair, it is very important to go through the Buying guide to get an overall clarity on the office chairs. Many brands can advertise their product in a convincing way. As a customer, you should do some homework before picking a suitable chair for your office purpose. Since sitting and working for long hours can cause various health issues, you have to be very careful before investing in office chairs. If not, you will risk your health. In this section, we are going to look at the essential factors to consider while buying an office chair.

Adjustable Basement

Obviously, office chairs come with casters. Check whether the casters have premium quality and have improved durability. So, you can move anywhere with more confidence. 

Materials used

Most of the chairs are made of mesh. It is quite breathable and keeps the body cool even after sitting for long hours. In addition, it allows air circulation and prevents over sweating. Herman Miller, one of the most common chairs uses mesh for the seat and the backrest. This material is of high quality and flexible. So, the chair adjusts automatically when you rest. 


Apart from being comfortable, price is still an important factor to consider. Office chairs are the most demanding one, and there is a wide range of manufacturers to offer you. Based on the additional features, the cost goes high. But you can buy a standard medium-size office chair with basic features at an affordable price. In contrast, if you only care for the comfortability, not the price then you can go with expensive chairs. Note that your health is the primary factor to consider. If you are working for long hours, you can buy the most comfortable one rather than choosing a budget-friendly chair. Anyway, the ultimate goal is to make a wise investment.

Adjustable back portion

When any seller says that a chair can satisfy the basic expectations, the first factor that comes on your mind is an adjustable back region. When you keep on working for long hours, the lumbar region is the major portion that gets affected. But you can prevent lower back pain by buying the best chair with an adjustable back. Any work needs a peaceful mind with more concentration. Can you get a relaxed feeling with a furniture chair? Not at all. Definitely, you need a chair with an ergonomic design for a relaxed feel. In most of the chairs, a pair of slides on either side of the lumbar region is available to adjust the back portion. 

Adjustable arms

Next to the adjustable back portion, an adjustable armrest is an essential factor to consider for a comfortable sitting. You can't assume the desk height in your office. So, when you buy a chair with fixed arms, then it is totally waste. Hence, you must look at the adjustable options on armrests. You will sit in various positions during working hours. The point is, each time you move, your arms must be comfortable to rest on the armrests. 

Adjustable seat area

Before finalizing a chair, you will make a trail by sitting and moving on the chair. It is to ensure whether the seat size is comfortable for sitting. You can keep your legs comfortable and rest on the back. Check whether the chair comes with titling options. So, you can move forward or backward and lock with the posture. 


Are you struggling with neck pain? It is because you keep looking at the screen for very long hours. Obviously, you need to rest your neck for a few minutes in between. It will greatly prevent neck sprain.


Final Words

To summarize, an office chair keeps your posture fit in many ways. There are many adjustable features to customize the design according to your requirements. There is a sheer range of office chairs available in the market. In addition, these chairs have unlimited color options. Before buying the chair, just go through the buying guide for better clarity. You can place your orders at ecommerce sites for the best deals and offers.





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