Best Swagtron Hoverboards 

Hoverboards are the craze of today's generation, and their demand increases every day. Since there are a lot of brands of hoverboards, it isn't easy to choose the best hoverboards on the market. So, we've decided to find out the best hoverboard. Finally, we've found out that Swagtron is one of the popular and top-rated brands for Hoverboards.

Swagtron is well known for quality and outstanding performance hoverboards. This has a wide range of models with including lithium batteries, the best for long-lasting battery life. They are water-resistant and have fat tires, so they are suitable for riding on any surface, even on the terrains.

There are a lot of advanced technologies and safety features. Very importantly, Swagtron hoverboards are UL 2272 certified. On this page, we will review the best Swagtron hoverboards on the market right now. Let's have a close look at this page for more information.

  1. Swagtron T6

Are you looking for the best Swagtron hoverboard with good performance? There is no one but the Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard. It is an absolute beast with outstanding performance and a fabulous look. Its overall design is overwhelmed. It is designed to be taken this anywhere even most scooters cannot go. As the name implies, it is suitable for off roads. With 2 hours of charging, you can take a range of 12 miles with 12mph speed. Moreover, it can climb slopes for up to 30° and is a market-leading Bluetooth speaker. When it comes to the weight, it can able to the monstrous weight of 420Ibs.

Highlights of Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

  • Swagtron Outlaw T6 has been designed with the ability to run-on off-road surfaces.
  • It features 10-inch tires to work even on the most difficult terrain and conditions.
  • Since it is water-resistant, no wet or weather conditions will bring it to a halt.
  • It delivers an impressive speed of 12 mph with 12 miles range on a single charge.
  • This is capable of carrying riders as heavy as 420Ibs, making it one of the toughest hoverboards on the market.
  • It is compatible with a mobile app to control various cool features and track your journeys.
  • It is UL 2272 certified
  • It comes with an extensive warranty


  • Excellent power and performance
  • Provides 12 mph top speed
  • Ability to work well on challenging surfaces
  • Safety certification
  • Features Bluetooth speaker
  • Good value for the money


  • None

Overall, the Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 is really a good option. The way it performs both on and off-road is fabulous. Though it is a bit more expensive than others on the market, it would justify its great performance. If you give importance to the quality and performance of the hoverboard, going with the Swagboard Outlaw T6 hoverboard would be a wise decision.

Bestseller (lists)

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard - First in The World to Handle Over 380 LBS, Up to 12 MPH, 10" Wheel, Black Sports & Outdoors

  • FOR ALL RIDERS – The T6 can handle up to 420 lbs., making it the best choice for riders of all shapes and sizes!
  • ALL TERRAIN - Roll over bumps and inclines up to 30° as you travel through mud, grass, rain, and even gravel.
  • 12 MILE RANGE - The T6 off road hover board has a 12-mile range, and the capability to reach powered speeds of up to 12 MPH.
  • 10" RUGGED TIRES - Dual rugged, 10" tubeless tires designed for all terrain exploration.
  • ROCK WHILE YOU RIDE –T... Read More

  1. Swagtron T1

Swagtron T1 is the next pick on this list since it ensures rider safety with UL 2271 safety certification. Very importantly, its battery backup is too good, which means it lets you take this for longer. Moreover, the never-flat tires guarantee that they can be ridden on any challenging surface. And you'll never be forsaken and fallen at any cost. This is because it is one of the popular hoverboards among the people. On a single charge, it can reach up to 11 miles. At a top speed of 8mph, it is one of the best choices for kids and adults as well. It is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 220lbs. If your safety is a concern, there is no better option than Swagboard Pro Self Balancing Scooter T1 Hoverboard.

Highlights of Swagboard T1 Hoverboard

  • It has patent-pending and is UL 2271 certified
  • Since it can carry for up to 220Ibs, it is suitable for both kids and adults
  • There are many improved features LED headlights, rubber bumpers, battery indicators, and two riding modes.
  • You can ride for up to 12 miles with 2 to 3 hours of charge
  • The hoverboard's top speed is around eight mph, which is enough for most youngers and adult riders
  • It comes with an extensive warranty


  • Eight mph top speed
  • Patent-pending battery technology
  • Excellent exterior design
  • A smooth and adventure ride


  • none

Overall, there is no one better than the Swagtron T1 hoverboard when it comes to safety. Moreover, it has UL 2272 certification, which guarantees the safety of the rider. So, if safety is your first priority, choosing the Swagtron T1 is the best option. Very importantly, it is suitable for both kids and adults, and anyone can use this, thanks to its maximum capacity. Plus, it is safe for beginners as well. As an added bonus, it is available at an affordable price. Though it includes a lot of features and technologies, you can still grab this at a competitive price.

Bestseller (lists)

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard Electric Self-Balancing Scooter - Your Swag Personal Transporter Awaits You Sports & Outdoors

  • Cruise with swag on your hoverboard boasting an 8 mph top speed and 7-12 mile range - weight up to 220 lbs
  • UL 2272 certified - the SWAGTRON 2-wheel self-balancing scooter excelled in all electrical safety tests
  • This swag motorized scooter’s new features include: LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, and two riding modes
  • Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield smart battery management system provides multi layered hover skate-board protection
  • This balanc... Read More

  1. Swagtron T580

Another pick is the Swagtron Hoverboard T580. It is one of the self-balancing scooters. Bluetooth compatibility is its highlighting feature. Are you very concerned about safety? At the same time, quality is your priority, and there is none like Swagtron Hoverboard T580. It is powerful and durable and has a vast customer base for its versatility. It can carry around 220Ibs weight, making it a great option for kids and adults. When it comes to the price, it is the overall value for the money.

Highlights of Swagtron Hoverboard T580

  • It has enough power to carry up to 220lbs in weight, thanks to its powerful twin 220W motor.
  • With its high torque performance, it can deal slopes for up to 30 degrees with ease.
  • It lets the rider ride the unit with a maximum speed of 7.5 mph
  • Inbuilt IPX4 water resistance ensures that it can work on any weather condition
  • With Bluetooth enabled app, it lets you track many things, including battery life, map function, etc
  • You can also play music during your rides through the app and speakers


  • UL 2272 safety certified
  • Extensive warranty
  • Sophisticated exterior
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Top speed of 7.5mph
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • IPX4 rated water-resistant


  • None

If you are looking for a self-balancing scooter, then you'll never go wrong with the Swagtron T580. Since it includes sophisticated technology, there is no need to concern about performance. Moreover, its quality and durability are extremely good. When it comes to the design, you don't turn to other options as its exterior is perfectly awesome. It can be used as a toy for kids and a transport device for adults. This is perfectly suitable for long-term use. In terms of the price, investing your money in the Swagtron T580 hoverboard is worthier.


  1. Swagboard Elite

Last but not least, our final pick is Swagtron Elite Hoverboard. It is one of the most popular models on the market. The battery can last for up to 11 and 12 miles and takes around 2 hours to reach full battery. Since it can carry around 220lbs in weight, it is suitable for both kids and adults. When it comes to the speed, it lets you ride up to 8mph. It is a great option for beginners. What's more! It is packed with indicator lights to monitor its operational status in real-time, including battery life, speed, etc. You can enjoy the music during your ride, thanks to its Swagtron app compatibility. Overall, it takes the hoverboard sophistication to the next level. If you don't want to compromise on quality, the Swagtron Elite Hoverboard is for you.

Highlights of Swagtron Elite Hoverboard

  • It lets you ride with eight mph speed on smooth surfaces
  • You can ride between 11 and 12 miles on a single charge
  • It is packed with upgraded software
  • The battery takes around 2 to 2 hours for complete charging
  • It is safer for any aged person, even for kids
  • The Swagtron app helps control many cool settings and features.


  • Sophisticated hoverboard
  • Range of 11-12 miles
  • Exquisitely design
  • Top speed at eight mph
  • Enhanced gear stabilization
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Certified and safety tested
  • Good value for money


  • None

Overall, the Swagtron T1 hoverboard is a good option for beginners. It is UL 2272 certified and guarantees your safety. So, you can ride it without any worry and fear. You can grab it at an affordable price. Further, its sturdy design ensures its quality. It is capable of carrying 220lbs in weight, making it suitable for both kids and adults.

Bestseller (lists)

Swagtron T380 App-Enabled Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker & Lights, White Sports & Outdoors

  • 8 MILE TOP SPEED & 11 MILE RANGE – The T380 can reach speeds of up to 8 MPH and a range of 11 miles on a single charge
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED – This 2-wheel self-balancing scooter has undergone and surpassed rigorous electrical safety tests
  • PLAY YOUR MUSIC ON THE GO – The T380 features Bluetooth speakers that allow you to play music while you ride
  • GO FASTER THAN EVER – The hover skate-board features an upgraded 250W motor and gear stabilization for tighter traction<... Read More


In summary, Swagtron is one of the reliable and well-known brands for Hoverboards. All the hoverboards from Swagtron are safety tested and well-engineered. Moreover, they are UL 2272 certified, ensuring the rider's safety. The listed above are top-rated and the best hoverboards on the market. We've done a lot of research and then compiled the list. If any of these hoverboards comes under your preference and category, you can buy them without hesitation.

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