Best 1440p Gaming Monitors - Overall Review

Are you looking for the best 1440p gaming monitor? Then, you are in the right place. On this page, you can find the monitors that you are looking for.

The 1440p with 144Hz refresh rate delivers smooth graphics and an excellent viewing experience. This can be a perfect option for movie lovers and gamers.

So, we have narrowed down some of the best 1440p gaming monitors on the market today. We have made this list after researched it thoroughly. Let’s take a close look at the list to know more about it.

Best 1440p Gaming Monitors List

  1. Samsung G5 Odyssey Gaming Monitor
  2. AOC CU34G2 Gaming Monitor
  3. LG 38GL950G-B Gaming Monitor
  4. Asus TUF VG32VQ Gaming Monitor
  5. Viotek Gaming Monitor
  6. ViewSonic VX2758 Gaming Monitor

Best 1440p Gaming Monitors Reviews

1. Samsung G5 Odyssey Gaming Monitor

Samsung has been on the market for years, which is more famous for its electronic products, especially for monitors. Not just that, it delivers outstanding performance and comes with excellent quality. So, it is one of the best models of the Samsung G5 Odyssey on this list. It is a curved screen and 27-inch gaming monitor.

It offers a great viewing experience with its high 2560 x 1440 resolution pixel with a QHD screen. It is aimed to eliminate graphics render delay with its high refresh rate of 144 Hz. It comes with a 1ms response time, making it ideal for gaming so that you can experience fast actions instantly.

The real-world graphics is achieved by HDR10. It allows you to adjust the proper black levels according to your viewing preference. Its brightness level is typical 250 cd/m2.

One significant fact is that it is designed with AMD Free Sync adaptive technology to eliminate stuttering and screen tears. It includes 1x DisplayPort 1.2 and 1x HDMI 2.0. The G5 odyssey comes with three years warranty.


  • 1000R panel technology
  • 1ms fast response time
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • AMD Free-Sync for better viewing and gaming experience
  • QHD screen resolution
  • Curved screen
  • Low shuttering
  • Black equalizer
  • 250 cd/m2 brightness level


  • Comes with an excellent refresh rate
  • Smooth gaming experience with its high resolution
  • Adaptive Sync reduces screen stuttering and tearing
  • Compact design and size
  • It comes with enable eye saver mode
  • Three years-long guarantees


  • Only available in 32 inches

2. AOC CU34G2 Gaming Monitor

Are you looking for the best 1440 gaming monitor at an affordable price? Then, the AOC G2 series would be the best choice as it is one of the high-performance gaming monitors out there. This is 34-inch gaming monitor comes with an Ultra-Wide QHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels.

Its brightness level is 300 cd/m2, and the contrast is 3000:1. It features a 100% of sRGB palette and 85% of Adobe RGB.

AOC G2 is specifically designed for gamers with a rapid response time of 1ms and 144 Hz refresh rate, delivering a seamless experience. It is packed with adaptive G-sync technology to minimize GPU output delay and comes with AMD Free-sync. The gaming monitor includes HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort, and USB 3.2.

This has Vertical Alignment panel technology and a frameless curved screen. You can avail of three years warranty for this model.


  • Vertical Alignment Panel technology
  • Impressive gaming experience
  • 1500R curved display
  • Minimize the output delay
  • 1ms rapid response time
  • 34-inch-wide viewing angle
  • Excellent graphics performance


  • It comes with an adjustable height stand
  • Less graphical lag
  • Includes DisplayPort for excellent AV data transfer
  • Lightweight


  • Manual configuration is required for optimized performance.

3. LG 38GL950G-B Gaming Monitor

LG 38GL950G-B is another pick, a 34-inch gaming monitor with a 2560 x 1440p high resolution. It is one of the best 1440p gaming monitors across the world. It has a 0.24 DeltaE score, which is quite good and delivers good color accuracy.

The LG G-B gaming monitor is loaded with Nano IPS panel technology and has a high refresh rate of 144 Hz for a better viewing experience. There are various ports, including HDMI port, USB 3.0, and DisplayPort.

It features an AMD Free Sync technology for seamless high resolution and reduced screen tear display. There is a black stabilizer to help you see scenes in the dark.

This is a wall-mount type, which perfectly fits your desk. It is lightweight, easy to install and use. You can have one year warranty for this gaming monitor. In order to extend the warranty period for three years, you’ll need to buy under a Commercial Contract.


  • 2560 x 1440 p resolution
  • IPS panel technology
  • Wall-mount design
  • 4 cd/m2 brightness
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • AMD Free Sync and Nvidia G-Sync graphics for an excellent gaming experience
  • HDMI, USB 3.0, and DisplayPort for easy data transfer


  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with Free-Sync and G-Sync
  • High refresh rate


  • It doesn’t offer a good experience in HDR gaming

4. Asus TUF VG32VQ Gaming Monitor

Asus is a well-known brand for monitors and 1440p gaming monitors as well.

The TUF VG32VQ series by ASUS is one the best 1440p gaming monitor out there. It has Free Sync and high graphics HDR display.

Its response time is 4ms. Features Elmb sync to reduce the motion blur. This model comes with a DeltaE score of 3.6, covering 86% of the sRGB palette. In terms of brightness and contrast, it brings 400 cd/m2 and a ratio of 3000:1, respectively.

The Asus TUF VG32VQ Gaming Monitor has a 31.5-inch curved display with a borderless frame, which delivers an immersive viewing experience to the user. It holds a high refresh rate of 144 Hz for smooth movement controls.

The ports in the monitor are DisplayPort DVI-DL, HDMI port, and the 3.5mm jack. It comes with three years warranty.


  • QHD screen resolution
  • Fast 1ms response time
  • Elm sync for minimizing motion blur
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • DP screen treats your eye well
  • VA panel type
  • HDMI and DisplayPort port for data transfer
  • 3.5mm jack for audio transfer


  • Affordable
  • Zero-Lag Display
  • Ergonomic Stand for dynamic support


  • At times, some experienced overheating when used continuously.

5. Viotek Gaming Monitor

Viotek brand has monitors that takes your gaming experience to the next level. The monitor from the brand that you can see has a maximum screen resolution of 2560×1440 and a high refresh rate of 144Hz, which elevates the performance of all the pixels.

This widescreen VA panel monitor provides video processing free from latency and flickering. It offers a 96% sRGB gamut and a contrast ratio of 3000:1 for absolute vibrant and detailed colors at every angle.

The monitor features Low Framerate Compensation that maintains the screen fluidity even if the framerate is as low as 48Hz and also smoothes out fast-paced games.

The monitor offers excellent connectivity for connecting to any device you wish with 3 HDMI ports, one display port, and a 3.5 mm audio out.

This lightweight monitor does not occupy much space, measuring 24.26 x 7.7 x 17.84 inches in dimensions and weighing 15 pounds. You can place it anywhere you like or even mount it on a wall.


  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 3000:1, contrast ratio
  • Low-framerate compensation
  • 3-year warranty


  • Superior image quality
  • Reliable warranty
  • Great connectivity
  • Fast and crisp gaming


  • After-sales service can be better

6. ViewSonic VX2758 Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic may sound new to many as it is non-familiar among gamers. But we came across this brand on the most popular eCommerce sites like Amazon, which have sold many and have good reviews among the customers.

So, we’ve decided to review one of its popular ViewSonic VX2758 Gaming Monitor models, which has a high-resolution of 2560 x 1440 p. The incorporated IPS panel technology helps respond in 1ms and has a 144 Hz frame rate.

It is capable of delivering excellent color vibrancy and is suitable for casual gaming and video streaming. One of the best things about this gaming monitor is that it is built for gaming purposes and for designers and editors who want accurate color and good picture quality. The warranty period for this product is limited to 3 years.


  • IPS panel technology with a frameless screen
  • Good built
  • High pixel density – 2560 x 1440 pixel
  • Multipurpose unit
  • Response time of 1 ms
  • HDMI and DisplayPort for a wide range of connectivity


  • Three years warranty period
  • Flicker-free gaming and comfortable to the eye


  • Not much popular on the market


We hope that you’ve gained some information by reading this article. All the listed are top-rated gaming monitors on the market. If you are looking for a 1440p gaming monitor, you can select anyone according to your needs and preferences. So, compare from one another on this list and have the one and have a safe gaming experience.

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