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Buying the best gaming monitor is an investment that you should make with fundamental research and analysis. Because you don't want to end up with a funny-looking monitor that lags every time you drive your Bugatti Veyron in Forza Horizon 4 game or every time you kill something in Tomb Raider. A good gaming monitor will last years if used right, and you can have a great gaming experience with any high-level game. There has been a giant leap in the gaming monitor industry these past few years and now buying a good refresh rate monitor is not a luxury. If you have the right graphic card and the processor to run the game, a good gaming monitor is all you need to finish building your gaming station. You can also use the best gaming monitors for other purposes like image/video editing, binge-watching, etc.

Now is a great time to be alive for PC gamers because there are so many models with mind-blowing specifications, all at an affordable price. With so many options online, you don't have to spend a fortune on a good gaming experience. A good monitor is only as good as your graphic processor and CPU since they bring out the best from your monitor. Two features come in gaming monitors, namely G-Sync and FreeSync. G-Sync is compatible with the NVIDIA processor, whereas FreeSync is compatible with AMD processors. The refresh rate of the monitors is also significant to note while buying a good gaming monitor. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the gaming experience. Any gaming monitor with a 75 refresh rate or above will give you a quality gaming experience. So we have made the list of some of the best gaming monitors of 2021.

Best gaming monitors of 2021:

  1. LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear
  2. AOC G2490VX 24" Class Frameless Gaming Monitor
  3. Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24" Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor
  4. Dell Gaming S2721HGF 27 Inch Curved FHD 144Hz 1080p VA Ultra-Thin Bezel Monitor
  5. SAMSUNG 34-Inch Odyssey G5 Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor
  6. ASUS TUF Gaming 27" 2K HDR Gaming Monitor
  7. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor
  8. MSI Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor 24"
  9. Alienware 25 AW2521HF 24.5 inch Gaming Monitor
  10. VIOTEK GNV29CB Ultrawide Curved 29-Inch Gaming Monitor

1. LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
27 inch LED IPS 144 Hz 18.46 pounds

LG not only dominates the 4K TV business but has also conquered the gaming monitor segment. The latest LG Ultragear 27 inch IPS gaming monitor is something to look out for every PC gamer. Once you set your eyes on the monitor, it is hard not to get impressed by its stunning display and features. It has a spectacular IPS display with 1ms GTG (gray to gray). GTG generally means the time taken for a pixel to go from one gray level to the next. This gaming monitor has a fast GTG, which is suitable for playing high-action sequence games. The 99% sRGB feature of this monitor allows you to enjoy your game in true colors.  

The G-sync compatibility of this monitor makes it a gaming beast. It eliminates screen tearing and minimizes the lags, and gives you a smooth gaming experience. It has a 144 Hz refresh rate which provides you with immediate action sequences on your screen. The images are rendered smoothly, and the visuals have fluidity. The design of this monitor is a treat for gamers, and you can adjust the monitor to your liking for comfortable gameplay. There is also a 240 Hz refresh rate variant if you are interested in an extra-smooth gaming experience. A 144 Hz display is enough for beginner-level gamers, but some pro players prefer 240 Hz or above for an extreme gaming experience. 

Why we love LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear:

  1. It comes in both 144 Hz and 240 Hz refresh rates.
  2. This gaming monitor is G-Sync compatible.
  3. You can adjust the stand for a comfortable gaming experience.

Bestseller (lists)

LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor, Black Computers & Accessories

  • 27 inch QHD (2560 X 1440) IPS display
  • IPS 1ms response time & 144Hz refresh rate
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible. Surface Treatment-Haze 25%, 3H
  • 3-Side virtually borderless design
  • Tilt, Height, Pivot adjustable stand. Dimensions Without Stand (WxHxD)- 24.2 x 14.4 x 2.2 inches ... Read More

2. AOC G2490VX 24" Class Frameless Gaming Monitor

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
24 inch LED VA 144 Hz 7.08 pounds

AOC G2490VX is one of the best 24-inch gaming monitors we ever laid our hands-on. This 144 Hz refresh rate monitor is a beast when it comes to gaming, and it is AMD FreeSync compatible which gives you ultrasmooth gameplay. This monitor is perfect for people who want to experience big visuals with multiple monitor setups as it has a three-sided frameless design. The gorgeous VA panel is excellent for first-person shooting games and high-speed action sequence games. The 1ms response time is a bonus, and you can have a lag-free gaming experience.

The AMD FreeSync will ensure that you don't have any stutter while gaming and synchronize the GPU to give you the perfect smooth output. The VA panel gives you excellent visuals from any angle you look in the room. It has a wide range of color options, and with the wide-angle viewing, the image looks bright and clear from anywhere. The thin bezel is helpful while setting up your monitor for a multi-monitor setup for a great visual experience. The build quality is light and plastic, but it is the best you get on the market for the price. Overall, this is the best entry-level gaming monitor for beginners who don't want to spend a fortune on gaming monitors.

Why we love AOC G2490VX 24" Class Frameless Gaming Monitor: 

  1. It is very affordable. 
  2. This gaming monitor has a 144 Hz refresh rate and a 1 ms response time.
  3. FreeSync gives you smooth gameplay.

Bestseller (lists)

AOC G2490VX 24" Class Frameless Gaming Monitor, FHD 1920x1080, 1ms 144Hz, FreeSync Premium, 126% sRGB / 93% DCI-P3, 3Yr Re-Spawned Zero Dead Pixels, Black Electronics

  • 24" class (23.8" Viewable) AOC Gaming monitor with 1920x1080 Full HD Resolution VA Panel
  • Rapid 1ms response time (MPRT) and 144Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium for ultra-smooth competitive gameplay
  • 3-sided frameless design with ultra-narrow borders for the ultimate seamless multi-monitor setup
  • RE-SPAWNED: 3-year zero-bright-dot, 3-year advance replacement, 1-year (one-time) accidental damage
  • 125.95% sRGB & 92.85% DCI-P3 color gamut ... Read More

3. Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24" Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
24 inch LCD TN 144 Hz 13.99 pounds

There is no monitor in the market at the given price that can beat the Acer XFA240 when it comes to visual clarity and color vibrancy. It is excellent for first-person games, and the 144 Hz refresh rate gives you a seamless gaming experience. The TN(twisted nematic) panel with FHD resolution is what you need for action and car racing games. You can get a 165 Hz refresh rate variant for an added ten dollars. The NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility works smoothly and gives you tear-free gaming. It also has some additional features like eye protection flicker less, a blue light filter, and ComfyView that protects your vision.

The style and design of the monitor are simple as an enterprise monitor, but this monitor is a beast when it comes to gaming. The 14mm bezels are perfect for bright rooms and to play during the night. The wColor management comes with five picture modes, and it is also customizable. The monitor is easy to set up, and the monitor head is easily adjustable to give you a better view. This 24-inch monitor does not lose any details on display, and they are on par with some UHD display monitors. Overall, the ergonomic design of the monitor at an affordable price makes this a suitable gaming monitor for both beginners and pros. 

Why we love Acer XFA240 24" Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor:

  1. It is one of the best gaming monitors for under $200.
  2. The G-Sync compatibility gives you tear-free gaming.
  3. It has an ergonomic design with a 90-degree pivot.

Bestseller (lists)

Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24" Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor 1920 x 1080, 144hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response Time with Height, Pivot, Swivel & Tilt, Black Computers & Accessories

  • 24 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen TN G SYNC compatible display
  • 144 hertz refresh rate using display port | Response time: 1ms. Input voltage: 120 volt AC, 230 volt AC
  • Height, pivot, swivel and tilt | viewing angles: 170° horizontal and 160° vertical
  • 2 x 2 watt speakers | panel type: TN | colors supported: 16.7 million | brightness: 350 nit
  • Signal inputs: 1 x Display port (V1. 2), 1 x HDMI/MHL and 1 x DVI
  • Mounting type: VESA moun... Read More

4. Dell Gaming S2721HGF 27 Inch Curved FHD 144Hz 1080p VA Ultra-Thin Bezel Monitor

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
27 inch CRT VA 144 Hz 12.34 pounds

We don't see many curved gaming monitors now because they are becoming obsolete nowadays, but Dell still provides them, and it is breathtaking. One of the few monitors that come with CRT (cathode ray tube) display technology is used mainly by curved gaming monitors. You get an FHD display, 144 Hz refresh rate, and 1 ms response time, everything at $211. There is also a 24 inch variant for people who want to save some more bucks. The 1500R curved screen will give you immersive visuals that feel like you are on the battlefield fighting your enemies. 

The AMD Freesync and NVIDIA G-Sync technology will minimize lags and stutters and give you a smooth, fluid gameplay experience. You can customize the monitor features as per your liking. The timer, dark stabilizer, and FPS counter will allow you to control everything from shadow control to brightness. It also comes with a ComfortView feature that will reduce blue light emission and reduce eye strain. Once you set up the monitor, you will be thrilled to explore the worlds of Tomb Raider and GTA. High-action sequence games and racing games world very well on this monitor, and you will be thrilled by the output.

Why we love Dell Gaming S2721HGF 27 Inch Curved FHD monitor:

  1. It is one of the best-curved display gaming monitors.
  2. The response time is great for action games.
  3. The ComfortViewfeature reduces eye strain.

Bestseller (lists)

Dell Gaming S2721HGF 27 Inch Curved FHD 144Hz 1080p VA Ultra-Thin Bezel Monitor, Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync HDMI, DisplayPort, VESA Certified, Gray Everything Else

  • Fighting Fast: A 144Hz refresh rate combined with a 1ms (MPRT) response time eliminates motion blur and allows fast-moving visuals to be seen with incredible clarity.
  • Fluid and Smooth: Nvidia G-SYNC Compatible Certification and AMD FreeSync Premium technology minimizes graphic distortions like screen tearing and stuttering for smoother, fluid gameplay and extraordinary image quality.
  • Perfectly positioned: The height- and tilt-adjustability lets you game in comfort for extend... Read More

5. SAMSUNG 34-Inch Odyssey G5 Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
34 inch LCD IPS 165 Hz 12.34 pounds

Here's a gaming monitor with the best of both worlds, a higher refresh rate, with an excellent resolution. While most of the monitors struggle to give just one good feature, here is Samsung's Odyssey G5 gaming monitor, a premium model. The 1000R display helps you to have a heart-pounding gaming experience like never before. The 34-inch ultra-wide monitor will also give you an immersive experience, and you can encompass the entire gaming world very vividly. The AMD FreeSync will provide you with tear-free gaming, and once the monitor gets worked up and running, you are in for a rough ride. 

As we said earlier, a higher refresh rate gives you less blur and a lag-free gaming experience, and a 165 Hz refresh is excellent for any sports and racing game. The 1 ms response time will make you stay ahead in gaming, and the on-screen reflexes are very swift and smooth like your own reflexes. The unconventional HDR10 quality of the monitor allows you to explore the brightness and shadows of the image with outstanding detail. For an extra $100, you can get the Samsung Odyssey G7, the following upgraded version, but this Samsung Odyssey G5 will do wonders for people looking on the budget. 

Why we love SAMSUNG 34-Inch Odyssey G5 Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor:

  1. It has an impressive 165 Hz refresh rate.
  2. The AMD FreeSync will give you a tear-free gaming experience.
  3. Truly realistic HDR10 has excellent details.

Bestseller (lists)

SAMSUNG 34-Inch Odyssey G5 Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor with 1000R Curved Screen, 165Hz, 1ms, FreeSync Premium, WQHD (LC34G55TWWNXZA, 2020 Model), Black Computers & Accessories

  • SMOOTH TRANSITION: 165Hz refresh rate ensures flawlessly smooth action
  • BLAZING FAST SPEED: 1MS refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur
  • 1000R DISPLAY: Experience a level of gaming more heart-pounding than anything before
  • ULTRA-WQHD: Vast encompassing view of your game world
  • AMD FREESYNC PREMIUM: Adaptive sync technology which reduces screen tearing, stutter, and input latency ... Read More

6. ASUS TUF Gaming 27" 2K HDR Gaming Monitor

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
27 inch LED IPS 165 Hz 12.79 pounds

ASUS TUF is the best gaming brand by the company, which has gaming laptops, gaming monitors, etc. This 27-inch gaming monitor from ASUS is a monster in the gaming segment and one of the most sought-after monitors manufactured by ASUS. The QuadHD resolution (2560x1440) gives you more desktop space than an FHD display, and the IPS panel delivers you some striking colors and brightness. The wide viewing angle ensures minimal distortion even when you are viewing from an unpleasant position. The 15 Hz refresh rate is a bonus for shooting games and sports games, and you have an added advantage over your opponents. 

The stunning ELBM SYNC combined with G-Sync will eliminate motion blurs and deliver you some crisp visuals. Are you a gamer who likes more adventurous games? A good adventure game has many shadow areas, and the Assu Shadow boost technology will clarify these areas and improve the overall viewing. The delicious thin bezels are a beauty to behold and come in handy when setting multi-monitor gameplay. This is a premium model gaming monitor, so the price is slightly higher than the average gaming monitor, but the features and gaming experience are worth every money you spend on it. There is a 170 Hz refresh rate variant available if you are interested in more smooth gameplay.

Why we love ASUS TUF Gaming 27" 2K HDR Gaming Monitor:

  1. The color and visual clarity are breathtaking.
  2. It is lightweight with an ergonomic design.
  3. It comes with a WQHD resolution.

Bestseller (lists)

ASUS TUF Gaming 27" 2K HDR Gaming Monitor (VG27AQ) - WQHD (2560 x 1440), 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), 1ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Speaker, G-SYNC Compatible, VESA Mountable, DisplayPort, HDMI Everything Else

  • 27 inch WQHD (2560x1440) IPS gaming monitor with 1ms (MPRT) response time 165Hz refresh rate (supports 144Hz) and G-SYNC compatibility for a tear-free experience
  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync (ELMB Sync) Technology enables a 1ms response time (MPRT) together with Adaptive-Sync eliminating ghosting and tearing for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates
  • Marathon ready with ASUS Eye Care technology to minimize eye fatigue and an ergonomic stand with full height/tilt/swi... Read More

7. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
24 inch LCD TN 144 Hz 13.01 pounds

BenQ is a known brand among people looking for budget items with good performance. In that case, the new BenQ Zowie gaming monitor does not disappoint beginner-level gamers. It has a decent 144 Hz refresh rate, and thanks to its 1ms response time, this gaming monitor is suitable for high-action and sports games, etc. The color vibrancy is good for the price, and the Black eQualizer technology will increase the visual clarity. You can also customize the color settings according to the game you play, which will be an added advantage for you while playing. It also has multiple connectivity options like display port and Dual Link DVI-D and HDMI etc. 

Though it is loaded with some cool features, there are few drawbacks, like the monitor does not support a 120 Hz refresh rate for Xbox and PS5. The height-adjustable stand is straightforward to rotate and tilt the monitor according to your preferred viewing angle. There are also presets of a few game modes, and you can set them easily according to the game you are playing. The flicker-free technology will reduce eye strain, and you can have long gaming hours without any difficulties. The bezels and edges are very thick, which is not that attractive, but the screen and picture quality are unbeatable for its price. 

Why we love BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor:

  1. The height-adjustable stand allows you to set the viewing angle.
  2. Black eQualizerwill increase your game's dark scenes.
  3. The flicker-free technology reduces eye strains.

Bestseller (lists)

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor / 1080P 1ms / Black eQualizer and Color Vibrance for Competitive Edge / Does not Support 120Hz on console Everything Else

  • Lightning-fast 144 Hz refresh rate performance for a smooth PC gaming experience over DisplayPort or DVI-D
  • ATTENTION: HDMI only outputs 60Hz max; NOT COMPATIBLE with PS5 / XBox Series X/5 @ 120Hz; Please check out the XL2411K for full 120Hz compatibility
  • 1ms Response Time (GTG) to eliminate ghosting and lag, providing the optimal gaming experience. Dimensions (HxWxD mm)‎- 559 (Hightest) / 429 (Lowest) x 570 x 219; Dimensions with wall mount (HxWxD mm) (w/o Base)‎- 34... Read More

8. MSI Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor 24"

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
24 inch LED Curved panel 75 Hz 12.10 pounds

MSI Optix G241VC is a decent-performing curved gaming monitor from the company at an affordable price. MSI is known for gaming products like gaming laptops and other gaming accessories. They are not as mainstream as Dell or Asus, but they still have dedicated followers who love their products. The curved panel with FHD resolution gives you good detailing on the visuals and makes your gaming experience more lifelike. The 75 refresh rate is suitable for medium graphic games, and the 1 ms response time will avoid choppy frames and fluctuations. The wide view angle is 178 degrees, ideal for the human eye, and you can have a comfortable gaming experience.

The curved gaming monitors are "you will love it or hate it" type, as their fan base is questionable. The ergonomic stand with an FHD screen is what every FPS gamer needs. I have an MSI Optix gaming monitor at my place, and when I play GTA V, the visuals are stunning without any lag and fluctuations. Not only is the display gorgeous, but it also comes with an affordable price tag. It is suitable for entry-level gamers who want to have a decent-looking gaming monitor with good performance. MSI has Optix MAG274QRF-QD, which has advanced features and performance if you wish for higher refresh options. 

Why we love MSI Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor 24":

  1. It has a pleasant viewing angle.
  2. It has a good response time.
  3. Overall, worth the price.

Bestseller (lists)

MSI Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor 24" Curved Non-Glare 1ms LED Wide Screen 1920 X 1080 75Hz Refresh Rate (Optix G241VC) Electronics

  • 23.6" Lcd panel LED backlight (1920 x 1080 Full HD)
  • 1ms response time - no more blurry images
  • 1800R curve panel design – most suitable for human eye
  • True Color - NTSC 85%, sRGB 110%
  • Wide view Angle - 178° visible ... Read More

9. Alienware 25 AW2521HF 24.5 inch Gaming Monitor

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
24.5 inch LED IPS 240 Hz 7.81 pounds

It is impossible to ignore Alienware products when it comes to the gaming segment. They have both the best gaming laptop and gaming monitors on the market. The Alienware AW2521HF comes with a 240 Hz refresh rate, which is excellent for sports and action games. They have made their mark in the gaming laptop market, and now they have conquered the gaming monitor industry. Priced less than $300 on Amazon, it has a good performance score and is also affordable for higher-end graphic games. The IPS panels give you a clear image, and 99% sRGB shading inclusion has wide color ranges. If you are a fan of Alienware products, we are sure that you will love this gaming monitor too. 

Why we love Alienware 25 AW2521HF 24.5-inch Gaming Monitor:

  1. It is both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync compatible.
  2. The latest IPS panel gives you improved image quality.
  3. The 240 HZ refresh rate is incredible for action games.

Bestseller (lists)

Alienware 25 AW2521HF 24.5 inch Gaming Monitor (Dark), Dark Grey- Dark Side of the Moon Computers & Accessories

  • Experience the best available in IPS Technology with native refresh rates of up to 240Hz
  • A true 1ms response time blasts away ghosting and blurs for clear images with no artificial tricks needed
  • New, fast IPS technology helps maintain image clarity from every angle of the screen. Plus, with up to 99% sRGB color coverage, you have a wide array of colors in your arsenal
  • AMD FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible technology synchronizes the graphics and monitor... Read More

10. VIOTEK GNV29CB Ultrawide Curved 29-Inch Gaming Monitor

Display size Display technology Panel type Refresh rate Product weight
29 inch LED VA 120Hz 9.20 pounds

This brand may sound new to many as they are not that famous among gamers. But we came across this brand on Amazon as they have sold quite many gaming monitors and have good reviews. The first thing that gained our attention is its stunning, ultrawide curved display with FHD resolution. The VA panel with 107% sRGB gives you excellent color vibrancy and is suitable for casual gaming and video streaming. And the best thing about this gaming monitor is that it is not only built for gaming purposes. It is a powerhouse suitable for designers and editors who want accurate color and good picture quality. For people who don't know, this brand is something to look out for every gamer. 

Why we love VIOTEK GNV29CB Ultrawide Curved 29-Inch Gaming Monitor:

  1. Bright display with accurate colors.
  2. It has a fast response time.
  3. It is NVIDIA G-Sync compatible. 

Bestseller (lists)

VIOTEK GNV29CB Ultrawide Curved 29-Inch Gaming Monitor | 120Hz UWFHD 219 w/Immersive 1200R VA Panel | FreeSync, G-SYNC-Compatible | 3-Year Warranty, 0-Tolerance Dead Pixel Policy (VESA) Everything Else

  • ULTRAWIDE 21:9 MONITOR — The full-hd monitor resolution (2560x1080p) delivers pixels packed with detail and brilliant colors with a 107% sRGB color gamut for high color accuracy. And the ultrawide screen real estate gives you more room to enhance productivity.
  • GAME-READY 120HZ MONITOR — The fast refresh rate means smoother video transitions with zero dropped frames. Perfect for movies and video conferencing. Easier on the eyes, the higher refresh rates help reduce eyestrai... Read More


We have come to our article's end, and we are sure that our list has grabbed your attention. All the products on the list are favorites for gamers and come in your budget too. An FHD display is enough for decent gaming, but if you are looking to break the barrier, there are various other monitors with 4K and QHD displays. Have a safe gaming experience. 

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