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 When it comes to Hoverboards, brand plays an important role in deciding the quality and features. A reputed brand will create a pinch of trust in customer’s mind. Jetson is one such top-rated brand that manufactures quality hoverboards. In addition, their high-grade scooters and skateboards are top-selling products globally. There is a wide range of Jetson models in the market. Hoverboards are incorporated with self-balancing technology that can easily drive to the destination. Do you want to know more about those models? Read till the end of the article

Table of contents

  1. Jetson V8 All-terrain Hoverboard
  2. Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard
  3. Jetson V6 Hoverboard with inbuilt battery and Bluetooth speaker
  4. Jetson Z5 Self-balancing Hoverboard with 400W motor

 Best Jetson Hoverboards available in the market

1. Jetson V8 All-terrain Hoverboard

Jetson V8 All-terrain Hoverboard is one of the top-rated hoverboards that is portable and compact. When it comes to design, it is a heavy-duty hoverboard that is exclusively for indoor purposes. It is incorporated with IPX4 water technology and comes with dust resistivity. So, this board can pass through any wet surface without any compromise in quality.

It weighs about 35pounds and can carry a maximum weight of about 300pounds. It has enough space to place your legs, thereby giving a convenient ride. This hoverboard comes with powerful 8.5-inch wheels. These rubber-made wheels are anti-slippery and ensure the rider’s safety. In addition, there is a LED indicator that is exactly placed in the mid of the machine. So, you can easily check the battery levels. 

It is powered by a 400W motor to provide a maximum speed of 12mph. One of the surprising elements of this board is, it performs a quiet operation and is environmental-friendly. Taking battery capacity into account, this hoverboard is powered by a 4400mAh Li-ion battery that gives a maximum coverage of 10miles. The battery charges fully in less than three hours. This board ensures rides safety and is UL 2272 certified. 

You can link this machine with Jetson Ride and Ready mobile app via Bluetooth. This app comes with impressive controls, user-friendly options and is compatible with android and iOS devices. So, you can track the board’s speed, distance coverage, and battery level. In addition, you can also change the LED light settings and switch between riding modes. Furthermore, it comes with Bluetooth speakers. So, you can enjoy music throughout the ride. 

What we like in Jetson V8 All-terrain Hoverboard

  1. It comes with robust 8.5-inch rubber tires and is extremely grippy
  2. It is powered by 400W motors and gives a mileage of 12mph
  3. The linked smart app will fetch the real-time information about the speed, distance, and battery level
  4. This hoverboard can bear a maximum weight of 300 pounds 
  5. It has Bluetooth speakers to support entertainment 

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Jetson All Terrain 2-in-1 Combo V8 Sport Hoverboard with JetKart 1.0 Accessory - Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lights, and Go Kart Conversion - App Included - UL2272 Certified Sports & Outdoors

  • Composite
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Jetson V8 sport is easy to learn how to ride - 3 settings for skill level beginner, intermediate, advanced. Select mode on free ride Jetson app from Apple iPhone iOS app store & Android Google Play store.
  • App unlocks extra FEATURES like. . . Play your music through Bluetooth 4. 0 dynamic speaker, change color of LED lights including brightness, see real-time speed, travel time, distance.
  • Highest industry standa... Read More

2. Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard

Why are you hesitating to buy a hoverboard? We guess that the first factor for your insecurity is the instability ride. Here comes, Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard that guarantees a smooth and safe ride. It is equipped with Active Balance Technology (ABT) to check whether the hoverboard is in a stable position. Plus, there is an inbuilt bar that coordinates rights and left pads to ensure safety.

Apart from stability, this hoverboard can give you the ultimate fun experience with its spinning feature. So, you can perform different tricks and improve your skill. Coming to the performance, this hoverboard’s mileage is about 10mph and can cover a maximum distance of 12 miles. 

It is powered by a durable battery that takes less time to get fully charged. Like other hoverboards, Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard comes with UL 2272 certification. It means that all the internal electrical components are carefully tested to ensure safety. 

A grippy mat layer will prevent accidental foot slips. Adding to this, this hoverboard is equipped with self-balancing technology to provide a stable ride. 

As the name suggests, this board comes with durable all-terrain wheels. So, you can move on any rough surface with ease. And also, it is water-resistant and is suitable to ride on a wet surface. 

Music drives you crazy. This hoverboard supports Bluetooth functionality. So, you can sync your mobile and enjoy songs. Moreover, you can download the Jetson App to customize your speed modes. 

What we like in Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard

  1. This hoverboard promises a stable ride 
  2. It comes with all-terrain wheels with an anti-slippery mat
  3. It is compatible with Bluetooth. So, you can hear your favorite music 
  4. It has UL 2272 certification and ensures rider’s safety 

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Jetson All Terrain Hoverboard with LED Lights | Anti Slip Grip Pads | Self Balancing Hoverboard with Active Balance Technology | Range of Up to 7 Miles, Ages 12+, Black Everything Else

  • Front LED lights with Light-up wheels: Sparkle as you spin
  • All Terrain Tires: Designed to handle more adventurous off-road rides
  • Active Balance Technology: Internal sensors keep you level and stable
  • Be Electric: Runs on 100% electric power
  • Brake style: Comes with rear braking... Read More

3. Jetson V6 Hoverboard with inbuilt battery and Bluetooth speaker

An interactive hoverboard that has been the customer’s favorite is the Jetson V6 hoverboard. It is a complete package of amazing features that a rider can expect from a hoverboard. The key highlights like the app sync facility and Bluetooth speakers will take this product to the next level.

It is full of user-friendly features and is easy to grip for people of any age group. In addition, the self-balancing technology of this model will help to carry the heavyweights with ease. So, the rider can enjoy a stable journey. 

This V6 model is powered by a dual 350W motor. So, you will get the combined effect from these motors, thereby fetching an ultimate power. When it comes to the tires, the aluminum-coated rubber-made tires can easily pass through any rough terrains without any damage. Plus, the maximum speed of this board is 10mph. Furthermore, the lithium-ion battery will take only a couple of hours to get fully charged. Remember that the speed varies based on certain factors like surface type, rider’s weight, and driving style. This board has undergone electrical tests and has met the rider’s safety standards. So, it is UL 2272 certification. 

You can just check your mobile app to track the parameters like speed, battery life, and distance coverage. Plus, you can customize the LED lights and select the riding modes. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. The premium quality Bluetooth speakers support entertainment. So, you can hear your favorite playlist by syncing the LED lights to the song’s rhythm. 

 What we like in Jetson V6 Hoverboard with inbuilt battery and Bluetooth speaker 

  1. You can track the live status of the hoverboard by syncing the machine with the mobile app
  2. The Bluetooth speakers will give quality audio 
  3. You can customize the LED lights to increase the excitement 
  4. The rubber-made foot pads is anti-slippery 
  5. It has met the rider’s safety standards and is UL 2272 certified 
  6. This hoverboard’s maxim speed is 10mph 
  7. It is powered by a dual 350W motor and uses lithium ion-battery

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Jetson V6 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with Powerful 700W Motor, LED Lights, Bluetooth Speaker and UL Certified Safe Battery Sports & Outdoors

  • TWO OF A KIND – Dual hub motors unite to create 700 watts of pure electric power, pushing the V6 to speeds up to 10 mph.
  • PARTY ANIMAL – Play your music with the enhanced Bluetooth speaker, sync the LED lights to the beat, and keep the party going.
  • IT GOES ON AND ON – The powerful lithium-ion battery has a long lasting charge, keeping the V6 going for up to 15 miles.
  • EXTRA FEATURES- Get the free app to choose between 3 different ride modes, track... Read More

4. Jetson Z5 Self-balancing Hoverboard with 400W motor

Are you facing a bit of difficulty riding a heavy-wheeled hoverboard? Have a look at the Jetson Z5 hoverboard. It comes with 6.5-inch wheels and has an array of impressive features. Safety is the priority for Jetson. All the Jetson hoverboards come with UL 2272 certification and deliver excellent performance.

It is equipped with a 400W dual hub motor and gives a maximum speed of 10mph. So, you will get a thrilling experience. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and take three hours to charge fully. This V5 model is smaller when compared to the V6 model. So, it weighs only about 19.6pounds. To your surprise, this lightweight hoverboard can bear a maxim weight of 265pounds. 

This model features a mobile app facility to get the real-time status of the hoverboard. You can monitor the parameters like speed, battery level, and distance coverage. In addition, this app is compatible with any operating system. There are LED lights in the frontline of the hoverboard. These illuminated LED lights will make you prominent during night rides. 

What we like in Jetson Z5 Self-balancing Hoverboard with 400W motor 

  1. It comes with impressive features and specifications
  2. This hoverboard features self-balancing technology to provide stability while riding
  3. You can track the status of the hoverboard
  4. It can bear a weight of 265pounds which is quite incredible 
  5. The lithium-ion battery takes three hours to charge fully
  6. It comes with Bluetooth speakers to play music
  7. You can cover a speed of 10mph on a single charge 

Bestseller (lists)

Jetson Z5 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with 400W Motor, LED Lights, All-Terrain Tires and UL Certified Safe Battery Sports & Outdoors

  • TAKE THE FAST LANE – Sporting a 400 watt dual hub motor, the Z5 reaches speeds up to 10 mph. And yes, that’s on 100% electric power.
  • AT LONG LAST – The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a long life ahead of it, keeping the Z5 going for up to 12 miles.
  • FEEL THE BEAT – An enhanced Bluetooth speaker provides crisp, clear sound, so you can bump your beats as you zoom and spin.
  • POWER AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Get the free app to choose betw... Read More

Final Words 

As a whole, Jetson excels in manufacturing quality hoverboards. Keeping safety in the first place, this company provides many user-friendly features and ensures rider safety. All the Jetson models are incorporated with advanced technologies like Active Balance Technology that supports stable rides. Hoverboards can cover an average distance of 10mph with no loss in excitement. Plus, you can add more fun while riding by enabling Bluetooth speakers. Importantly, it features water resistivity and maintains the hoverboard’s quality when passed on wet surfaces. You can place your orders at e-commerce sites and bring your favorite hoverboard straight home.  

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