One Wheel hoverboard

In this universe, who else doesn’t like riding? Have you heard about hoverboards? It is lightweight and portable. In addition, there are illuminated LED lights for adding more excitement to the ride. Hoverboards come with anti-slippery foot pads for a convenient ride. Most of the models feature self-balancing technology that allows the user to learn the operating tricks easily. Are you biting your nails to know more about hoverboards? You will find this article interesting since it is going to give a detailed study on hoverboards. Keep reading to know the interesting facts about hoverboards.

Table of contents

  1. Surfwheel SU/HX One Wheel Hoverboard
  2. Chang One-wheeled Hoverboard for Outdoor purpose
  3. Koowheel Electric self-balancing one-wheel hoverboard
  4. Hoverclub electric one-wheeled hoverboard for adults and kids
  5. VIRO Rides Free-style Hoverboard

 Best One Wheel Hoverboards available in the market

1. Surfwheel SU/HX One Wheel Hoverboard

Surfwheel is one of the reputed manufacturers of hoverboards. This one-wheel hoverboard is carefully designed with incredible features that will surpass your expectations. So, the manufacturer guarantees you the ultimate surfing experience. This hoverboard is universal and is allowed for anyone, including kids.

The first thing that we search for in a hoverboard is its speed. You can expect a decent speed of 10miles per hour from a fully charged battery. Whenever you are passing by a street, a light indication is mandatory to alert other vehicles. This one-wheel hoverboard literally lit up the road with 360 LED lights.

This machine features an app-enabled technology that gives access to all features. So, you get everything to need at your fingertips. The app helps to track the speed, monitor the battery life and adjust the LED light settings. When it comes to riding modes, there are three riding mode levels. So, you can switch between the modes based on your convenience. This hoverboard comes with an airless drifting rubber tire. So, it will not deteriorate even when rolled on a rugged surface. It can carry a weight of 220pounds and has UL2272 certification that guarantees the rider’s safety.

What we like in Surfwheel SU/HX One Wheel Hoverboard

  1. This one-wheeled Hoverboard comes with impressive features
  2. It is suitable for people of any age group
  3. It comes with UL2272 certification and ensures the rider’s safety
  4. This hoverboard has 360 LED lights to indicate that the machine is ready
  5. You can switch between the riding modes as per your convenience
  6. It can roughly carry 220pounds with ease


2. Chang One-wheeled Hoverboard for Outdoor purpose

Isn’t it surprising to get a hoverboard with user-friendly features? With advanced features, a hoverboard can give hype to the rider. SkootRider is never behind its counterparts in terms of quality and performance. It is powered by a high-capacity battery that won’t cheat you in the middle of the ride.

This hoverboard is top-rated and shares equal space with reputed brands in the market. It is capable of taking you for about 15miles on a single charge. This impressive distance coverage is something that is unbeatable by any other hoverboard to date. Keep in mind that the mileage varies based on the surface you choose to ride. In addition, you will never get any travel tired since this model can give a mileage of about 16 miles per hour which is incredible. Although this hoverboard is one-wheeled, never underestimate its potential. It will effortlessly carry you on roads and pavements.

It features a water-resistive technology that maintains the quality of the board during rainy days and can carry a weight of about 265pounds. So, it serves as an ideal choice for overweight individuals. When it comes to design, the rubber-made footpads give super grip for a convenient ride. Plus, the self-balancing technology will support an effortless ride.

What we like in Chang One-wheeled Hoverboard for Outdoor purpose

  1. It is suitable for any surfaces
  2. This hoverboard will give a maximum speed coverage of 15miles with a fully charged battery
  3. The rubber-made pads are grippy and prevents accidental slipping
  4. It comes with a one-year warranty


 3. Koowheel Electric self-balancing one-wheel hoverboard

We get your thought. You might be curious to know about electric single-wheeled hoverboards. It is a fusion of hoverboard, roller skates and skateboard with no compromise in the excitement. It features self-balancing technology and comes with several riding options. This hoverboard is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The best thing about this board is, it is very easy to learn about the operation.

With “To and fro” motion, you can easily control the hoverboard’s direction. Apart from self-balancing technology, this board comes with fire resistivity and prevent the board from any hazards. In addition, it comes with UL2272 certification and has met the safety standards. This pair of hoverboards is lightweight and is easy to carry anywhere using carrying handlebars.

One of the main highlights of this board is, the battery can charge fully in less than 2-3hours. Plus, it comes with 250W powerful motors that allow maximum coverage of 10miles. Last by not least, LED light acts as a strong indicator for night rides.

What we like in Koowheel Electric self-balancing one-wheel hoverboard

  1. This hoverboard can carry a maximum weight of about 286pounds
  2. It can cross 10miles with a fully charged battery
  3. It is lightweight and weighs about 7pounds
  4. The manufacturer provides one year warranty
  5. It is a universal hoverboard and comes with simple operational tricks
  6. It features self-balancing technology and is UL2272 certified


4. Hoverclub electric one-wheeled hoverboard for adults and kids

Hoverclub electric one-wheeled hoverboard comes with exciting features. In an era of hoverboarding, electric roller stands high in the market for providing a great riding experience. This is a super cool hoverboard that comes with the features of skateboard and skateboard shoes. A classic black exterior is the key highlight and is more flexible. This perfect fusion of one-wheeled skateboard and roller skates will give your thrilling moments during the ride. Unlike traditional style hoverboards, you are free to move your feet in any direction.

You can keep the dual hoverboards with a minimum space in between. This trick will work out for an easy walk or dance. In addition, this board is equipped with self-balancing technology. So, it is easy to operate the hoverboard, and you will enjoy a stable ride.

The alloy frame is lightweight and lasts for many years. Plus, you can port the board with ease anywhere using the side handles. It comes with illuminated LED lights to indicate other vehicles that you are passing by. The never-flat tires are shock absorbers and make your ride safer. The board is powered by two 250W brushless motors for a stable and smooth ride.

When it comes to battery capacity, a fully charged hoverboard can drive you to a distance of 6.2miles with an average speed of 7.5miles per hour. The non-slippery rubber footpads support a stable ride. This board has met the rider’s safety standards and can bear a maximum weight of 220pounds with ease.

What we like in Hoverclub electric one-wheeled hoverboard for adults and kids

  1. It is lightweight and portable
  2. This hoverboard is equipped with a pair of 250W brushless motors for a smooth ride
  3. It can cover a maximum distance of 6.2miles with a fully charged battery
  4. The LED lights will make you prominent during the ride
  5. It is flexible and comes with simple operating methods


5. VIRO Rides Free-style Hoverboard

One of the best one-wheeled hoverboards with high customer ratings is VIRO Rides Free-style hoverboard. As the name suggests, it is single-wheeled but comes with two rubber tires. It comes with impressive features and is equipped with advanced technology. You can easily monitor the speed of the machine using a digital monitor placed on the board. It is powered by a 33v lithium-ion battery that gives a maximum coverage of 6.5miles at a speed of 7mph.

What we like in VIRO Rides Free-style Hoverboard

  1. It comes with powerful in-built Bluetooth speakers
  2. It is a single-wheeled hoverboard with two rubber tires
  3. You can monitor the speed using the board’s digital monitor


Three important points to remember before buying a one-wheeled hoverboard

  1. Have a look at the maximum holding capacity of the hoverboard. If your weight exceeds the maximum capacity, then it will greatly affect the hoverboard’s performance.
  2. In any electric vehicle, the motor is the driving force. So, you must ensure whether the hoverboard is powered by a quality motor to get an increased speed
  3. If you are a beginner, go with medium speed hoverboards. On the other hand, a high-tech hoverboard is suitable for experts

Final Words 

We hope that you have got clarity on the features and functions of one-wheel hoverboards. These hoverboards have met the rider’s safety standards and support a stable ride. Before buying a hoverboard from online sites, consider important factors like motor, design, maximum holding capacity and speed.

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