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Are you looking for a medium-sized TV to hang on your compact living room wall? A 32-inch TV is the popular one that fits even to small bedrooms. Although people love gigantic screens, these 32-inch TVs are more comfortable to watch movies, series etc. Moreover, you can buy a 32-inch TV at an affordable price.

Since people prefer 32-inch TV, there are a wide variety of 32-inch TV models. We guess you are confused about buying a TV that fits your home. Don't worry. We are here to present you the two best 32-inch TVs trendy in the market. After testing about 80 TV's we have come to a conclusion and picked up these two branded 32-inch TV models with high performance.

At the end of the article, you will get an overall idea about the features and specifications of a 32-inch TV. We assure you that your investment in these TVs are worthy.

Table of contents

  1. Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA 32-inch TV
  2. TCL 32-inch 1080p Smart LED TV
  3. SAMSUNG 32-inch 1080P LED Smart TV

Best 32-inch TV available in the market

1.Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA 32-inch TV

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SAMSUNG QN32Q50RAFXZA Flat 32" QLED 4K 32Q50 Series Smart TV (2019 model) Electronics

  • 4K UHD Processor: a powerful processor optimizes your tv’ s performance with 4K picture quality
  • Inputs & Outputs: 3 HDMI ports, 1 Ethernet port, 2 USB Ports (v 2.0), 1 Digital Audio Output (Optical), 1 Composite Input (AV),
  • Dimensions with Stand (WxHxD): 28.5" x 18.8" x 6.1" | with Stand Weight: 11.9 lb. | without Stand Dimensions (WxHxD): 28.5" x 16.6" x 1.2" | without Stand Weight: 11.7 lb.
  • 4K UHD: see what you’ve bee... Read More

Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA 32-inch TV tops the table. There are only a few Samsung 32-inch TV models with 4K resolution. Although it is a 2019 model, it is available from all major retailers. This model gives a crispy pictures with good audio effects.

In addition to this, you can get all possible features in this Samsung 32-inch TV. Moreover, it is easy to find your favourite show with the universal guide. You can download many apps via the app store. This model has in-built casting. So, there is no need for an additional streaming device.

Coming to the picture clarity, this Samsung model consists of VA (Vertical Alignment) panels with high contrast ratio. So, you can see deeper black in black surroundings. A downside of this model is that it doesn't have a good reflection handling feature. So. You can avoid mounting this model in a room with high lighting. And also, the ultra-viewing angle is absent in this model. So, you cannot get the best clarity when you watch from the side. But, you can experience a better performance when compared to its counterparts. Very importantly, this model serves you the best HD quality when you watch sports or TV shows when you sit straight facing the TV.

Samsung Q50R provides a better gaming experience with low input lag. But, this mode doesn't possess a local dimming light, and it has only a moderate black uniformity. Hence, you cannot watch HDR movies in a dark room. But, we assure you that you can watch high clarity pictures during the day. Moreover, the brightness of the image degrades at a certain angle. So, you can obtain the best view by sitting in front of the TV.

Highlights of Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA 32-inch TV

  1. This model is excellent for gaming because of its fast response, thus eliminating virtual lag
  2. You can enjoy the best picture clarity by sitting in front of the TV. The image starts to glare when you start to move around.
  3. It can also serve as a PC monitor since it supports all common resolutions.
  4. The processor is very fast in response. Hence, there is only a little blur behind the fast-moving objects
  5. This Smart TV is provided with a Universal guide. So, you can switch to your favourite show within a fraction of seconds
  6. There are 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 Digital Audio Port and 1 Ethernet port

Brand Samsung
Resolution 4K
Dimensions in inches 28.9x18.8x6.1
Display technology QLED
Connectivity technology Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
Mounting Type Table Mount

2. TCL 32-inch 1080p Smart LED TV

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TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV - 32S327, 2019 Model Electronics

  • Easy Voice Control: Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to help you find movie titles, launch or change channels, even switch inputs, using just your voice. Also available through the Roku mobile app
  • Smart Functionality offers access to over 5,000 streaming channels featuring more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes via Roku TV
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution excellent detail, color, and contrast. Wireless Connection: 802.11 2x2 Dual Band
  • Direct-lit LED produces g... Read More

TCL 3 Series S325 with 1080p resolution gives a decent picture quality. It has a good contrast ratio, but the local dimming is absent. So, you can experience a better picture quality in average lit rooms. Very importantly, the motion handling is good, and this model is apt for sports and TV shows. In addition to this, the Roku interface is the same as in high-end models, and it can give access to many channels.

The S325 model's processor is fast responsive, thereby eliminating the virtual lag. So, it can provide a mediocre gaming experience. It can support casual games, so the gamers playing advanced gaming levels will find limited features.

Since this model cannot fight against glare, you can enjoy good picture clarity in a room with dim lights. Moreover, the viewing angle is mediocre, and the picture quality is not uniform when you watch the TV from the sides. So, you can enjoy good quality pictures if you don't decide to move around while watching the shows. We assure you that this model is the best 32-inch for watching TV shows and sports.

Highlights of TCL 32-inch 1080p Smart LED TV

  1. The SDR accuracy of the image is excellent
  2. A Roku interface is available to access many channels
  3. Gamers find that the processor is very fast and responsive with low input lag. Hence, you can feel a better gaming experience
  4. You can experience a good picture quality when you sit in front of the TV
  5. This model has a good contrast ratio since it has VA panels

Brand TCL
Resolution 1080p
Dimensions in inches 28.8x7.1x19.1
Display technology LED
Connectivity technology Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI
Mounting Type Wall mount

3. SAMSUNG 32-inch 1080P LED Smart TV

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SAMSUNG 32-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P (UN32N5300AFXZA, 2018 Model) Electronics

  • Full HD 1080p Resolution - Enjoy a viewing experience that is 2x the clarity of standard HD TVs.
  • Smart TV - Get to your entertainment the faster, easier, and more intelligent way. Easily access your streaming services all in one place using the Samsung Remote Control.
  • Micro Dimming Pro - Reveal a more true-to-life picture with enhanced contrast.
  • Quad Core Processor: enjoy a Fluid browsing experience and faster control switching between apps, streaming content and o... Read More

If you are looking for the ultra-viewing angle feature in a 32-inch TV model then the Samsung N5300 model is the best choice. Although the contrast ratio is low, you can experience a high-quality picture even with the wide seating arrangements. Very importantly, the accuracy of the image will not be lost when you watch through sideways.

Samsung's Tizen OS supports a wide range of streaming apps. However, an universal guide will help you to find your favorite shows. The screen has good uniformity and supports SDR since the color gamut is adequate.

Samsung N5300 has a decent picture quality. Although it is good at handling reflection, you can experience a better clarity pictures and images in a room with dim lighting. Moreover, it cannot fight against the glare if the brightness of the room is very high.

Since this model poses a high reflection angle, we assure you that the Samsung N5300 is a good choice for the kitchen and living room. There will be no image distortion when you watch from the side. Very importantly, you can enjoy the TV shows while doing your household chores. It has a high pixel response time and low input lag. But, you can witness a little blur behind fast-moving objects.

The model has 1080p resolution, so it can stream apps as well as quality cable content. You can attain a crisp image by lowering the backlight level. The PWM dimming flicker adjusts the backlight level.

Highlights of SAMSUNG 32-inch 1080P LED Smart TV

  1. The ultra-wide-angle gives an amazing picture when looked at from any side of the TV. So, you can enjoy your TV shows while doing your kitchen work in parallel
  2. The SDR image Accuracy is good
  3. It is very easy to find your favorite show using the universal guide
  4. The reflection handling is good. In order to get the best quality picture, you must avoid placing your TV in rooms with many interior lightings
  5. The processor is fast responsive and low input virtual lag compared to its counterparts
  6. Gamers can play casual games, but there is always a little blur in the fast-moving content
  7. You can either hang the TV on the wall or place it on the table using the plastic stands

Resolution 1080p
Dimensions in inches 28.9x6.4x18.2
Display technology LCD
Connectivity technology Wi-Fi
Mounting Type Wall mount

Points to remember

Before choosing the TV, you must choose the place where you have decided to hang or place the TV. It is very important to maintain a distance of 1.2meters between you and TV to enjoy the wide screen.

Since 32-inch TV models are preferred for compact house. As a result, there is a wide range of TV models available in the market. So, you must carefully study about the features and specifications of the 32-inch TV before you place the order on the e-commerce sites. Very importantly, check whether the TV falls within your estimated budget. While, investing more on the 32-inch TV, ensure whether the TV is worth buying or not. You can visit local showroom to get to know more about the features and specifications from the salesmen  to get a better clarity before placing the order on e-commerce sites. Because, the e commerce sites gives a lot of offers and discounts.


We hope that you have cleared your doubts. There are many other branded 32-inch TV available in the market. The above mentioned three models are the top three popular models with highest ratings. You can also try out other similar models with good reviews. Always know the purpose of the product before placing the order. Enjoy all your favorite TV shows, sports, gaming and other apps in a compact device with ultra-viewing angle.

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