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Do you have an idea to buy a TV with a massive screen? You can just simply convert your living room into a home theater with an 80-inch TV. Enjoy the wide-angle view of movies, TV shows, sports, etc on a massive screen. We know that buying a TV is not a piece of cake. You must do a lot of research and read out the reviews posted on the e-commerce sites before confirming the order. So, before whipping your credit card, spare a few minutes to read this article.

Since 80-inch TVs are recently trending on the market, you will be confused about choosing the right product. We are here to clear all your doubts. Read till the end to get answers to all your questions.

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  1. Sharp PN-LE801 1080p Smart TV
  2. Sharp LC-80UH30U 80-inch Ultra LED Smart TV


Best 80-inch TV available on the market


1. Sharp PN-LE801 1080p Smart TV

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Sharp PN-LE PN-LE801 80" 1080p LED-LCD TV - 169 - HDTV Electronics

  • UPC: 074000377110
  • Weight: 138. 000 lbs ... Read More

If you are looking for an 80-inch TV with an ultra-viewing angle, then Sharp PN-LE801 is a good choice. As the name suggests, this TV model offers sharp images and texts to add clarity to the entire frame. You get an immersive experience with an ultra-viewing angle. Plus, the image does not fade away when viewed from off-center.

Sharp PN-LE801 gives access to any external sources like cable, satellite TV, etc. This 80-inch Smart TV has an LCD with LED backlights with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Plus, the native refresh rate is about 240Hz. So, you can enjoy each frame with ultra clarity in pictures. In addition to this, an impressive contrast ratio of 5000:1 will provide you crisp and detailed content despite the lighting conditions.

The AutoMotion 240 motion enhancement technology incorporated in Sharp PN-LE801 will smooth the picture while watching fast-moving contents. In addition, this TV model is equipped with dual 10W speakers for good audio functionality. Therefore, you will get an immersive experience with an amazing sound system. A wide range of ports are available on the backside of the TV. There are three HDMI ports, one USB port, two RCA composite video, two RCA stereo audio, an RF connector, and a 3.5mm audio input.

You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on a giant screen with stellar audio effects. So, you will see a clear image even when viewed from  off-center. Since it weighs about 110.2 pounds, you need at least two people to carry the TV. We advise you to use the hands only at the corners for better handling purposes.

Highlights of Sharp PN-LE801 1080p Smart TV

  1. Sharp PN-LE801 features an LCD with LED backlights. So, you will get an immersive experience with high-quality video and audio effects
  2. It boosts about 1.07 billion colors, so each image and text on the frame is sharp
  3. The AutoMotion 240 Motion technology will provide smoothness to the fast-moving pictures. So, gamers can get a thrilling experience
  4. You can hang the TV on the wall and match to your interior background look with its inbuilt wallpaper mode
  5. A wide range of ports like three HDMI ports, a USB Port, two RCA component Stereo audio, etc are available at the backside of the TV. So, you can stream your favorite videos and audios from the mobile to a big screen
  6. The Ultra-wide angle viewing feature adds clarity to the picture even at the corners, thereby eliminating image glare when looking through sideways

Brand Sharp
Display technology LED
Dimensions in inches 35.43x9.84x31.5
Resolution FHD 1080p
Connectivity technology VGA, USB, Ethernet, HDMI
Item weight 11 pounds

2. Sharp LC-80UH30U 80-inch Ultra LED Smart TV

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Sharp LC-80UH30U 80-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV (2015 Model) Everything Else

  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz (Native); AquoMotion 960 (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Full Array)
  • Smart Functionality: Yes - Android TV
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 71 1/2” x 41 35/64” x 4 15/32”, TV with stand: 71 1/2” x 43” x 17 59/64
  • Inputs: 3 USB, 4 HDMI, Component, Composite, Ethernet, Digital Optical Audio Out, RF In
  • Accessories Included: Remote w/ batteries ... Read More

Sharp LC-80UH30U is one of the best TV models from the house of Sharp. Basically, it is a smart TV that can stream Android apps like Netflix, Hotstar, etc. So, you don't have to miss your favorite TV shows or series. This TV model is configured with a full array LED for supporting backlights. In addition to this, there are four HDMI ports, three USB, Ethernet, and a Digital Optical Audio port. Plus, a remote is included with this TV so that you can take complete control over the TV from a distance using this TV.

The SPECTROS Rich Color Display will offer a 21% broader spectrum compared to traditional LED TVs. We promise you that you will enjoy a movie with theater experience. The refresh rate is about 120Hz, and the AutoMotion technology offers smoothness to each image. Thus you can enjoy a cinematic picture without any image distortion. The HD resolution with fine-tuned colors will enhance the natural look of the pictures.

Highlights of Sharp LC-80UH30U 80-inch Ultra LED Smart TV

  1. Sharp LC-80UH30U 80-inch Ultra LED Smart TV is equipped with AutoMotion 960 technology will show smooth images in each frame, thus reducing the motion blur
  2. You can stream all YouTube favorite videos and audios since a wide range of ports are available at the back of the TV
  3. With android functionality, you can watch all your favorite apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime on a big screen
  4. The output image is very crisp and clear without any distortion. Moreover, you can enjoy watching your favorite movie, TV show, international news, and sports on a giant massive screen
  5. You can control the TV from a distance using the remote

Brand Sharp
Display technology LED
Dimensions in inches 17.91x71.5x42.99
Resolution 4K
Connectivity technology Wi-Fi
Item weight 122.4 pounds

Benefits of using a 80-inch TV

Image Quality


You can get stunning image quality and a good sound system. Many of the 80-inch TVs come with Google Chromecast and Dolby vision. On the other hand, certain 80-inch TV supports advanced HDR so that you can enjoy good image clarity with an immersive experience.

Different screen types

There are many types of screens available in 80-inch Smart TVs. The LCD screen type is quite rare. So, you can see these types of screens only in old models. In contrast, the LED screen type is very common in new models and is widely preferred by the customers. Apart from LED, you will get to see some advanced screen types like XLED and OLED.

If you are looking for budget-friendly TV models, you can purchase an 80-inch LED TV. In addition to this, you will get a perfect angel view in a wide seat arrangement.


Generally, 80-inch TV has ultra specifications with no compromise in resolution. We know that a TV with high resolution will give a high clarity image. A 4K 80-inch TV lies under that category and presents you four times better quality when compared to full HD TVs. So, this might be the reason for its high price. Plus, this 80-inch TV comes with some outstanding features also. Thus, you will get an immersive experience with high clarity images and stunning audio effects. Moreover, you will notice clarity in fast-moving content with no motion blur.

Streaming Capabilities

An 80-inch TV allows the streaming of various android apps like Netflix, HotStar, YouTube, etc. Therefore, you can watch your favorite web series or TV shows on a massive 80-inch big screen. Very importantly, you can watch all the shows and series in a flexible time using internet connectivity. And also, you will get a theater effect with good audio effects.

Buying Guide

Some of the factors listed below can greatly help you to find the best 80-inch TV.

Screen resolution

One of the challenging parts while choosing an 80-inch TV is the Screen resolution. In fact, the price of a TV varies based on the resolution. An 80-inch TV with HD features will provide a high contrast ratio, brightness, depth to the color, and precision. There are four variations of HDR: HDR10/10+, HLG, Dolby Vision, and Technicolor HDR. In the future, top companies like Samsung, LG will introduce 8K resolution. There is not much difference between a 4K resolution and an 8K resolution except the price and the number of pixels. So, you can opt for a 4K 80-inch TV for its reasonable price and high specifications


It is very important to check whether the 80-inch TV lies within your budget. These TV models are available at various prices based on the resolution, design, and features.

Smart features

Check whether the TV has smart features to stream various apps like HotStar, YouTube, Netflix, etc. You can customize the TV settings and access the Smart menu. In addition to this, you can download and play video games on an 80-inch TV. Moreover, you can take complete control over your TV by sending voice commands to inbuilt Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

Other factors

You must also consider some of the safety features to restrict the children from watching inappropriate content. Some of the TVs have wallpaper mode to blend the wall decorations with the wallpaper on the TV. It gives a rich look to the living room. So, your TV not only creates a good impact while running, but it also astonishes you with its amazing gallery mode. Basically, an 80-inch TV can be hung on a wall or kept on a table using supporting stands. But, you can save your space by opting wall mounting.


Final Thoughts


Without a second thought, you can choose an 80-inch TV for watching your favorite shows on a giant screen. You will not find any image distortion when you watch from the off center. Thus, you can enjoy all the latest movies, TV shows, and series with your family and friends on a big screen. You must consider the factors listed in this article before investing a huge sum in an 80-inch TV.

Moreover, a massive screen display adds beauty to the entire living room.

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