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Are you looking for a 24-inch TV to hang on the wall of a living room? Yes you are at the perfect place! We have done a several research and reviewed the users feedback and prepared a list of 24-inch top selling TVs. Generally, these types of 24-inch TV are preferred by a large crowd. So, top manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, etc have launched TVs with many innovative and interactive features.  We guess that you are a bit confused about buying a 24-inch TV that fits your home.

To sort out your problem, we have shortlisted the top two 24-inch TVs with a brief description of each one. You can go through the features and specifications of each TV and choose the best that meets your expectations. Read till the end of the article to know the important factors to consider before buying the TV. Without taking much time, we will explore the top 24-inch TV trending on e-commerce sites.

Why do you need a 24-inch TV?

You might have a doubt why there is a huge demand for 24-inch TV from the customer side. The reason is very simple. The size is the biggest advantage in 24-inch LED Smart TV. This size is apt to watch TV shows with good clarity and even occupies less space.

Unlike other TVs, you don't need much manpower to transport your TV. You can lift the TV single-handedly without putting in much effort. Since these TV models are very much familiar, there is a huge competition among the manufacturers to gain customer attention. So, each manufacturer tries their best to present a good quality 24-inch TV for sustainability in the global market.

Why do people prefer LED TV?

LED TV consumes less power and provides a brighter picture compared to LCD. In LCD TV, light-emitting diodes are replaced by CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) and offer less brightness by consuming more power.


Table of contents

  1. Westinghouse 24-inch Roku HD LED Smart TV
  2. VIZIO 24-inch 720p LED TV


Best 24-inch TV available in the market


1.Westinghouse 24-inch Roku HD LED Smart TV

Bestseller (lists)

Westinghouse 32 Inch HD Smart Roku TV Electronics

  • [ Westinghouse Roku TV ] Stream top free or paid programming services like Paramount+, Discovery+, HBO Max, Peacock, Disney Plus, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Showtime, PBS, Disney Now, and YouTube
  • [ Say “Adios" to Subtitles ] Stream popular Spanish channels like Telemundo, Telemundo Deportes, Univision, UniMás, TUDN or Galavisión. [ International Channels ] Armenia TV, MHz Choice, encoreTVB, Greek TV Lite US, Tagesschau, Euronews, Darya, Damai... Read More

Is it enough to enjoy only high-quality cable content? As technology upgrades, our lifestyle must also change. Westinghouse 24-inch TV offers you to watch the shows based on your time slot. So, you needn't finish your work in a hurry to watch your favorite shows. This Roku TV helps in streaming all your favorite apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix. DisneyNOW, Youtube, and Google Play. Roku TV doesn't stop with this, and it also allows you to watch the recent hit Spanish series, news, and sports.

In fact, the picture quality is the first priority of the customers. Although Westinghouse Roku TV offers you a wide range of streaming apps, it has no compromise in providing high clarity pictures. In addition to this, you can enjoy your favorite TV series with a minimum motion blur and increased crisp images. Very importantly, a smart home technology incorporated in this TV will allow the Alexa, Google assistant to make your work easy. You can use voice commands like change channel, play the music through the inbuilt remote mic.

Explore new series, shows with this Roku Smart TV. You can share your videos, music, and pictures from the mobile to the smart TV to get a big-screen experience. Like pictures, audio is also an important feature for a Smart TV. The Dolby Audio gives crystal-clear audio with improved dialogue delivery. So, you will never spell your lyrics wrong.

Meanwhile, you can switch to your favorite show using the Universal guide. So, it is very easy to search and find TV shows, series, and games. With automatic software settings, you can watch all the recently launched TV shows without making any efforts to update the features manually.

Highlights of Westinghouse 24-inch Roku HD LED Smart TV

  1. Smart TV technology enables the use of Alexa or Google assistant to make your work easy. You can take complete control over the TV by sending voice commands
  2. Get to watch some of the popular Spanish channels like Telemundo Deportes, UniMas and the international new channels like Armenia TV, Greek TV lite, etc
  3. You can connect your headphones to the free Roku mobile app to enjoy your favorite wish list
  4. Experience cinematic picture with a reduced motion blur with Roku smart TV
  5. Immerse into a good movie with high-quality pictures and Dolby audio effects
  6. Users can connect your game console to get a thrilling gaming experience

Brand Westinghouse
Resolution 720p
Dimensions in inches 21.9x6.5x14.5
Display technology LED
Connectivity technology Wireless
Mounting Type Table Mount or Wall mount
Item weight 5.8 pounds

 2. VIZIO 24-inch 720p LED TV

Bestseller (lists)

VIZIO D24-D1 D-Series 24" Class LED Smart TV (Black) Electronics

  • VIZIO Internet Apps Plus: Instantly enjoy the latest hit movies, TV shows, music and even more premium apps straight from the Internet to your TV
  • Edge Lit LED backlight: Distributes LEDs along the edge of the screen for a brilliant picture in an ultra-thin design
  • 3; Built in Wi Fi: Connect with high speed wireless for easy, clutter free Internet access.
  • 4; 1 HDMI ports: perfect for connecting all your high definition entertainment devices to the TV
  • 5; 1 U... Read More

 If you are looking for a TV with a modern design that goes well with your interior decorated wall, then VIZIO 24-inch Smart LED is a good choice. You can enjoy high-quality pictures and audio effects. The innovative features enhances the beauty of the pictures, thus giving a natural look. In addition to this, the LED backlights will give a decent contrast ratio and back uniformity.

You can watch your favorite show with good picture quality and audio effects. VIZIO allows not only apps but also gives access to many free channels to stream on your TV. Moreover, you can direct your TV with the help of voice commands.

Very importantly, innovative features like the Google Nest camera feed on the TV helps you to find out who is waiting at the door without leaving the couch. The built-in Chromecast and Apple Airplay allows sharing of pictures and presentation slides from mini screen to big screen. Plus, you can watch your memorable video of your loved ones like a movie on VIZIO Smart TV.

Highlights of VIZIO 24-inch 720p LED TV

  1. VIZIO presents you all the amazing innovative features at an affordable price
  2. The automatic software update setting in VIZIO supports all types of video and audio formats. Alexa or Siri will assist you whenever you need to change the channel or play your favorite music
  3. The incorporated edge-lit technology will display a high-quality picture by distributing the LEDs uniformly along the edges of the monitor
  4. Apart from voice control via Alexa, you can also take complete control over the TV using a remote with an inbuilt mic
  5. Depending on the ambiance, the backlights automatically adjusts the brightness for providing better image clarity with reduced glare
  6. You can enjoy a good sound system with two inbuilt speakers
  7. Using HDMI and USB ports, you can connect high definition devices for entertainment

Resolution 1080p
Dimensions in inches 21.93x6.26x14.91
Display technology LED
Connectivity technology Wi-Fi
Mounting Type Table Mount
Item weight 7.66 pounds

Buying guide for a 24-inch TV

There are certain factors to consider before buying a 24-inch TV. Better clarity on the product will help you to choose the best at the end of the day. Let us have a look at some of the important factors.


The first and foremost factor is quality. Check whether the TV has a good resolution. So, you can enjoy movies or series with a good image quality. And also, look at the speaker's quality for good audio effects.

Smart features

Your entertainment depends on the smart features. Have a look at the apps and TV shows that a Smart TV can support. Your smart TV must allow trending apps like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix. So, you can enjoy your favorite shows on the big screen. In addition to this, some of the 24-inch TVs comes with an Auto turn off mechanism. Therefore, you need not worry about the electricity bills.


Advanced technology

In fact, some of the inbuilt advanced technology is a boon for lazy people. For example, technologies like the Google Nest camera feed will allow you the person standing in front of the door without waking up from the couch.

In addition to this, it should have an HD display packed with Miracast and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Look into the contrast ratio of the Smart TV. Check whether the TV is capable of providing 200% clarity and perfect resolution. And also, you must enquire about the ultra-viewing angle. Thus it helps in providing a better movie experience.

Connections and Built-in Wi-Fi

Finally, check for HDMI, USB ports, and facilities for Wi-Fi connectivity. So, you can enjoy maximum online content along with cable content.

It is very easy to find your favorite shows using the Universal guide. Your Smart TV must allow access to international news channels and TV shows for good entertainment.



 To sum up, a 24-inch LED TV is a very good choice for a compact house. A wide range of 24-inch models from top manufacturers like Samsung, LG, VIZIO are available in the market. Although it is challenging to find the best one, the Buyer's guide discussed in this article will help you to find the best one that fits your home.

The above mentioned two TVs are very familiar among the customers and have top ratings. Apart from these two, there are many other quality 24-inch models available in the market. You can also have a look at those models to compare and select the best one. Moreover, most of the 24-inch TVs are available at an affordable price. So, the price will not be a major concern for you. In some exceptional cases, certain 24-inch TVs might be a bit highly-priced because of their advanced features. Anyway, invest wisely and enjoy your movie time with your loved ones.

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