Vizio vs. Samsung TV

Which one should you buy?

Television has been a part of our American lifestyle since the late 1950s. They have been our reliable source of entertainment and information for a long time. Now it's 2021, and still, their importance in our daily household life has not declined. Now is the perfect time for us to buy high-end TV sets without breaking our bank balance. Television shopping can be a little intimidating due to various brands, screen size options, and budget problems. You might be tempted to buy everything you see, but purchasing a suitable TV for your home is a task that requires proper research. While looking for TVs, you might have come across various brands like Samsung, Sony, TCL, and Vizio. In this article, we are going to compare Samsung and Vizio TV. We will look at their features, display quality and affordability, and you can select the right one.

We want to help your readers choose the suitable TV that goes well with their home and comes within their budget radius. The two brands are the titans in the TV industry, and each brand has its own unique features and specifications. Samsung has been in the market for quite some time and has come up with various technologies, and has loyal customers worldwide. On the other hand, Vizio has been improving their technologies and gives us some of the best affordable 4K TVs. So if you are confused about what to pick, you have landed on the right article. Let's dive into our article. 

Vizio TVs:

Vizio is an American company founded in the year 2002 and is based in Irvine, California. They have manufactured various electronic products like soundbars, tablets, mobiles, and computers. They have focused on producing Television sets, and by the year 2007, they have become one of the highest-selling LCD Tv brands in North America. And as the years passed by, they have improved their technologies and have given LED, QLED, and by the year 2020, they released their first OLED TV. Vizio has focused on quality rather than standard improvements. They have opted out of TV tuners (buttons on TV) as they have become the past. As of 2020, it has a revenue of 2.04 billion, and they have given us some affordable 4K TVs.

Samsung TVs:

Samsung is a South Korean company founded in 1969 and has been in the market for more than 50 years. They have been manufacturing various electronics like TVs, mobile phones, hard drives, and semiconductors. They have been a household name for many, and they have a reputation for their products. Samsung TVs are the epitome of quality and the latest features. Some other competitors use Samsung screens for their products as well.

An ideal example will be iPhone X using a Samsung screen which tells us about the display quality of Samsung. The quality of their screen is unbeatable, and they last longer than most other ordinary brands. When it comes to specifications, Samsung has always strived to give the latest technology to its customers. 

     First, let us see some of the best TVs from each brand, and let's compare their features. 

Best Vizio TVs:

1. VIZIO 40-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV

Brand TV display size Display technology Item weight
Vizio 40 inch LED 15.3 pounds

Vizio V series 4K UHD Smart Tv comes with Dolby Vision HDR, which will take your viewing experience to the next level. The top-notch brightness, contrast, and beautiful colors will bring the vision to life before your eyes. But the main feature that made us select this great Tv is that it supports HDR10+ and HLG high dynamic range format, which gives you grand visuals. This 4K TV has around eight million pixels, and it is four times clearer than a 1080p resolution making it an ideal choice for people looking for breathtaking visuals. 

Besides TCL, Vizio is a runner-up brand that has the best value for money. It is affordable and has many exciting features. The entire array backlight will give your TV superior lighting and uniformity in the picture. And it is equipped with the best Vizio IQ Active 4K HDR processor, which upscales your visuals into 4K resolution. It has a better visual system than most HDR TVs on the market, and the active pixel tuning will improve your picture accuracy and contrast for better viewing. This TV is also suitable for gaming as it has a 60 Hz refresh rate, which allows you to play action and sports games without any lag. The V-gaming engine will make your gaming experience much better. 

Top features:

  1. The active pixel tuning will improve your picture's brightness and contrast.
  2. The V-gaming engine will make your gaming experience much better.
  3. It comes with Dolby Vision HDR, which has incredible picture quality. 

Bestseller (lists)

VIZIO 40 Inch 4K Smart TV, V-Series UHD HDR Television with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast Built-in (V405-H19) Electronics

  • Dolby Vison HDR: Dolby Vision transforms your TV experience with dramatic imaging – incredible brightness, contrast, and color that bring entertainment to life before your eyes. In addition, this TV supports HDR10+ and HLG high dynamic range formats.
  • 4K Ultra HD: With over 8 million pixels, 4 times the resolution of 1080p - enjoy every scene with breathtaking detail.
  • Full Array Backlight: LEDs are evenly distributed across the screen's backlight for superior light unif... Read More

2. VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40 Inch 1920 x 1080 Class Full Array LED Smart TV

Brand Resolution Display technology Item weight
Vizio 1080p LED 17.64 pounds

Vizio D series LED smart TV has 1080p resolution, which gives you stunning clarity and good attention to detail. The Vizio internet apps allow you to access the latest apps, movies and shows available on the internet. The bright LED gives you a great visual treat and delivers a superior level of color and contrast. It comes with built-in WiFi, which helps you to access the internet at ease. You can enjoy fast-paced action and sports seamlessly on your TV with an explicit action 240- enhanced motion clarity.

It has a 60 Hz refresh rate display which can serve well during gaming. With these clear visuals, you can experience gaming on the next level. This D series Tv from Vizio has an all-new design and fantastic picture quality that makes your entertainment time valuable. The user interface is quick and intelligent and allows you to access various apps effortlessly. Louis, an expert in gadgets, said that the overall picture quality of the Tv is top-notch. Still, the speakers are not up to the mark. But when you buy a 40 inch Tv, you can't rely on their in-built speakers as the Tv has a thin design. 

Top features:

  1. It has a stunning 1080p resolution.
  2. It comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Bestseller (lists)

VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40 Inch 1920 x 1080 Class Full Array LED Smart TV (Black) Electronics

  • 1. VIZIO Internet Apps Plus - Instantly enjoy the latest hit movies, TV shows, music and even more premium apps straight from the Internet to your TV.
  • 2. Full-Array LED Backlight - Distributes LEDs behind the entire screen delivering superior light uniformity and picture performance.
  • 3. Built-in Wi-Fi - Connect with high-speed wireless for easy, clutter-free access to VIZIO Internet Apps Plus.
  • 4. Clear Action 240 - Enhanced motion clarity with 60 Hz effective refre... Read More

Best Samsung TVs:

1. SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series

Brand Tv display size Display technology Product weight
Samsung 50 inch LED 12.2 pounds

Their latest model, Samsung AU8000 series, comes with dynamic crystal color, which allows you to see millions of true-to-life colors. This mid-range TV from Samsung comes with a crystal processor 4K that seamlessly can optimize the content into 4K resolution. It is one of the best intelligent TVs under 500, which you can control with multiple assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant etc. This TV gives you solid performance, and you will enjoy every detail of your content, and the picture quality is very crisp. It comes with three HDMI ports so that you can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

It is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy their movies and shows with vivid color and details since it streams content in HDR (high dynamic range). But one feature that struck me the most is its motion Xcelerator feature. This feature will minimize the blur and enhance the clarity, which allows you to view fast-paced action scenes seamlessly. This feature also comes in handy for people who play fast-action games. In addition, the design of this TV is thin and slim and doesn't take much of your room space. To sum it up, this Samsung A8000 series is one of the best 4K TVs under 500 that gives you a breathtaking visual experience. 

Top features:

  1. The crystal processor 4K gives you rich 4K contents seamlessly.
  2. The motion Xcelerator feature reduces blur and enhances the visuals.
  3. It has a thin and sleek design.

Bestseller (lists)

SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series - 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (UN50AU8000FXZA, 2021 Model) Electronics

  • DYNAMIC CRYSTAL COLOR - A fine crystal layer reveals millions of true-to-life colors.
  • CRYSTAL PROCESSOR 4K – Intelligent, ultra-fast optimization of 4K content.
  • SMART TV WITH MULTIPLE VOICE ASSISTANTS – Access apps and streaming services right on your TV with your voice.
  • 3 HDMI PORTS – Connect up to 3 devices with HDMI.
  • HDR – Unveils shades of color that go beyond HDTV. ... Read More

2. SAMSUNG 40-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P

Brand Resolution Display technology Item weight
Samsung 1080p LCD 15.9 pounds

You can experience the clarity two times more than standard HD TVs with Samsung's 40 inches LED Smart FHD Tv. The 1080p resolution gives you an exhilarating visual experience like never before. It comes with a micro dimming pro feature that provides you with "true-to-life" quality, improving contrast. You can also make it your gaming monitor and take your gaming experience to the next level. The PurClor feature helps you explore a wide range of colors, and you can watch your favorite movies and Tv shows in their natural color.

Samsung smart Tv allows you to enjoy your entertainment much faster and in a more intelligent way. Using your Samsung remote control, you can access multiple channels and streaming platforms, all in one place. And if you are tired of managing numerous intelligent devices, there is an easy way. SmartThings app will help you to control all the connected devices on one single screen. You can also sync your smartphone to your Tv and access the content on a much bigger screen. It is a lightweight model with a sleek design which makes it a perfect Tv setup for your living room.

Top feature:

  1. It has two times more clarity than a standard HD TV.
  2. It has a micro dimming pro feature which gives you good picture quality. 
  3. This smart Tv is easy to access.

Bestseller (lists)

SAMSUNG 40-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P (UN40N5200AFXZA, 2019 Model) Electronics

  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • PurColor
  • Micro Dimming Pro
  • Samsung Smart TV. Mini Wall Mount and Vesa Wall Mount Compatible
  • SmartThings App Support. Product Size (W x H x D) Without Stand-36.3 x 20.9 x 2.9 inches. Stand Size (WxHxD)-5.2 x 5.6 x 6.7 inches ... Read More

Now let us compare the features and qualities of these brands:

Screen Size:

Screen size is the first important feature that anyone looks for in a TV. And both Vizio and Samsung have a wide range of screen sizes, from a 40 inch TV to 85 inch TV, and you can choose according to your budget and needs. But how can we forget Samsung's Wall Tv, which has a massive 219-inch screen. Though it is not for every household, we can't ignore the fact that Samsung has more extensive screen options than Vizio. Even their JU7100 series offers us an 88-inch screen size which is higher for a consumer product. 

On the other hand, Vizio's P series offers us an 85-inch screen TV with some good specifications. And with each screen size's upgrade on Samsung Tv, we get some updated features as well. There is also a 110 inch Tv from Samsung, the S9 Series 9 model with MicroLED technology, which is the future of Tv industry. So it is clear that Samsung has a broader range of screen size options than Vizio. For people who want a standard screen size like 45-65 inches and also within budget, you can definitely go for Vizio TVs. After all, screen size depends on your room size and your affordability. 

Display technology:

When it comes to displaying technology, both brands have made significant improvements over the past few years. Both have made LCD, LED TVs with a high resolution like 4K at an affordable price. Samsung has now focused on making QLED (quantum LED) which will be the next-gen feature for smart TVs. When Samsung's QLED TV might be pricey for some, Vizio's QLED TVs are affordable at the same quality. At this point, it is only a preference to go for the brand you like. But both have made quality improvements with their display technology over the years. 

Screen resolution:

Screen resolution is an essential aspect of a quality TV purchase. All of the significant Tv brands have moved from a 1080p screen resolution to 4K, and buying a 4K Tv has become very easy in the past few years. Both Samsung and Vizio brands manufacture excellent 4K resolution, which pushes the boundaries of image quality. WhileVizio has some quality 4K TVs, Samsung has moved a step ahead and has produced some 8K TVs such as the Q950 series and Q900R Tv. 

They might be a bit expensive but have double the picture quality than 8K. But in our current times, buying an 8K Tv might not be worth considering as there are no quality 8K contents. Maybe in a few years, we might get the necessary 8K contents for us to watch, and then it might be worth buying an 8K TV. In conclusion, both Samsung and Vizio have some excellent screen resolution for their TVs and are worth considering. 

Image quality:

If there is something that makes people go for Samsung Tvs, than any other brand is the image quality. When it comes to image quality, Samsung gives the best, and I personally would recommend some Sony TVs too. The image quality of Vizio TVs may not be on par with Samsung, but they are worth checking. 

Many reviews and experts say that the 4k quality of Vizio is average, and we agree with them, but what Vizio lacks in image quality, they make up for it in their Tv's price. As they say, you get what you pay for. Samsung TVs are pricier than Vizio due to their image quality, and if you want their quality, you have to pay the price. Samsung tops the list of image quality on both their HDTV and 4K TVs. So we agree that Samsung is the winner when it comes to image quality. 

Sound quality:

 Most online reviews and experts say that they can rely on Samsung's audio quality rather than Vizio's. But the truth is, most of the higher-end TV models have in-built speakers with an average audio rate. Most people do not rely on the in-built speakers and buy a speaker or home theater as they like. 

And we also recommend you to do the same because in-built speakers are not that great to listen to. But if you rely on the speakers, we can tell you that both the brands give you some average sound quality without any noise and distortion. But these days, it is advisable to invest in some quality audio system to get the maximum output from your TV viewing experience. 

Smart TV features:

Gone are the days where we used TV as just a visual medium. This has become more advanced and smart with its stunning features. Any Tv which has a built-in WiFi feature is considered a smart TV. Many brands use different interfaces and ways they access apps. Vizion has internet apps plus, which is an improvement from its previous Smart feature, and it is very easy to use and customizable. This interface is available on many of the latest Vizio Tvs, such as the V and M series. It has easy access to many OTT channels on its home screen, and they are just a click away. 

Samsung Tv uses the Tizen interface, which might be similar to Vizio's but has a better user interface and access. If you are already using a Samsung smartphone, you will like the TV interface. All the latest Samsung TVs have incorporated the Tizen interface, and they are easy to access too. The interface, but both Samsung and Vizio TVs also have voice commands and are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. So it is safe to say that both TVs have some quality intelligent options. But if we have to choose the best, we would say Samsung because the Tizen interface is far better than Vizio's and has some brilliant innovative options. 

TV design:

The design of the TV is pretty much the same for all brands. They are thin, lightweight, and have thin bezels. Most TVs can be wall mounted due to their lightweight feature and can serve as excellent room decors. But Samsung has upgraded their TV screen's design too with their curved TVs. Yes! They are still in the market, and they are quite an innovation on the Tv screen's layout. 

Though Sony was the first to launch curved TVs back in 2013, brands like Samsung and LG quickly released their curved TVs as well. But most people have opted out of curved TV as they are expensive and do not have better viewing angles. In that case, both Samsung and Vizio make excellent flat-screen TVs and have similar depth in their screen. So there is no specific advantage over the other, and it is a tie between the brands. 


The latest smart TVs might not have buttons on them, but all the TVs come with various ports for connectivity. They have multiple port options like HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and audio/video components. According to our research, some of the Vizio models offer around five HDMI ports that are higher than Samsung. 

Samsung usually offers three to four HDMI ports but has multiple USB options than Vizio. So it is only your preference on how much HDMI and USB port you would require. If you are an ardent gamer, you might want some extra HDMI and USB ports, and both TVs are great for those things. You might also want to connect your DVD player to your TV, and they have those options. 


This is the place where Vizio outshines Samsung. They are very affordable and also have the necessary features for a smart TV. If you are a fan of budget shopping Vizio will be your perfect go-to brand. They have also improved their Tvs picture quality and have many intelligent features, and they are compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. But as we have seen earlier, Samsung outperforms Vizio in various aspects, but you have to pay a lot more than Vizio. In that case, Vizio will be the best budget purchase. 


As we have seen, both TV brands have come up with some unique Tvs in the last few years. But Samsung has quite an edge over Vizio due to their picture quality and screen resolution. But Vizio, too, has been manufacturing some excellent 4K TVs at an affordable price, and they too have a fan following of their own. Budget shoppers will be excited with Vizio Tvs, whereas people looking for some high-resolution screens will go for Samsung. But we assure you that with both these brands, you will have an excellent viewing experience. 

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